A Biography of Yousuf Karsh, an American-Canadian Portrait Photographer


By Sarah Velez

As Karsh became alert to photography as a skill, he sought to portray his desired world personalities. Karsh's aim was to develop significant amounts of skill and understanding towards his topics to be able to record their greatness within their portraits. Karsh attempted to carry his subjects into a specific state; circumstances that he believed should expose the subject's inner personal. Anything spoken of Karsh's subjects could by no means be as meaningful as his portraits of these. Karsh's introduction to photography, his techniques and talents, his identification, and his legacy, play key functions in understanding his historical existence and his contributions to the fine art of photography.

Karsh was created in Mardin, in Armenia, Turkey, and faced various hardships while living there. His spouse and children faced wonderful oppression, and information of further massacres kept arriving. Finally his parents directed him to live along with his Uncle Nakash in Sherbrooke, Canada. His formal education in Canada came to an instant end because he struggled through institution, he found it hard to understand. After half a year Karsh left school completely, and went to function for his uncle in his picture taking studio in July, 1925. This was a significant turning stage in his unexpected profession. Before he understood it, everything linked with the artwork of portrait photography captured his curiosity and energy in the future.

Working as an apprentice along with his uncle, he before long became familiar with the technical processes involved with producing, printing, and enlarging. Karsh continued to use himself with his