A Evaluation of the Dyystopian Culture in the Publication and Our World Today in the Futuristic Novel, Brave " NEW WORLD " by Aldous Huxley

Throughout the novel Brave New World compiled by Aldous Huxley, it's simple to see his exaggeration when comparing the dystopian culture in the e book and society today. Due to changes in culture, it's simple to find how world today is like the dystopian society in significantly less extreme ways.

I discovered it interesting in Brave New World how sex is normally such a prevalent thing that's shared (literally) with everyone. If an individual doesn't take part in having many sex partners they are frowned after and viewed different; Bernard Marx, for example is viewed different for devoid of “many girls” (Huxley), and subsequently he looked at everybody else differently as well, “Talking about her as if she were somewhat of meat.’ Bernard ground his pearly whites. ‘Have her here, have got her there. Like mutton. Degrading her to therefore much mutton’ (Huxley 47). When scanning this section I couldn't support but assess it to the senior high school culture; there's some pressure in senior high school to have sexual intercourse, or not be considered a virgin; it's problematic for the youngsters who don't want sex, or haven't had the opportunity, because they're built fun of and viewed differently to be virgins--Of Course, in senior high school there's such thing as having too much sex, that could cause other judgments and perhaps even vulgar name calling, similar from what John phone calls Lenina. In the dystopian society that they had to be incredibly sexual, however in society