An Argument Against the Legalization of Marijuana in the United States

"I want to ask you something¬Ö in the event that you had a decision, what would it not be: Marijuana or Martinis?" This issue appeared in the brand new York Times on Tuesday, May perhaps 12th, 1998. As a result of "Marijuana Tax Act" of 1937 the just legal decision that you and the 18 million other adults who used marijuana this past year can make may be the martini ("Against Medicine Prohibition" ix). The legal acceptance of alcohol, on the other hand, will not exclude it from the group of a "drug," even in the eyes of the meals and Medicine Administration. The prohibition of marijuana is normally historically counteractive and a primary defiance of First Amendment privileges. This prohibition has got denied thousands of critically ill clients a drug that could effectively treat their condition and relieve their discomfort. The basis after which marijuana is prohibited has been verified by the government which includes banned the medication to be false.

Since 1914, our nation features outwardly protested against the utilization of any "drug," contrary to our earlier acceptance of the marketplace. Before and through the Civil Battle, morphine (a derivative of opium) was applied for it's anesthetic features and was applied as a primary ingredient in many medicines. Marijuana was likewise applied by the medical network in the treatment of migraines, insomnia and rheumatism and cocaine to take care of sinusitis, hay fever, and chronic fatigue. These drugs weren't only medicinal, however, plus they became popular for recreation, and cocaine, especially started to be an ingredient in wines and soft drinks, specifically Coca Cola (Encarta, "Cocaine").

Just following the switch of the century, a fresh weather of temperance swept the country and in 1914 Congress approved the Harrison Act,