An Introduction to using BANK CARDS in the United States


April 21, 1999

Kevin L. Thompson

English 201

Amil Quayle

Credit cards are quickly becoming a significant problem for the American persons. It is so easy

to enter debt with a debit card, and a person with a mail package and a pulse will get one. Many

Americans can't get out of debt plus they come across credit problems; some possibly file for bankruptcy.

The reason it really is so easy to use a debit card is that when you utilize plastic instead of cash, you spend

more because you don't emotionally sign-up the pain. In the event that you lay out $50 at lunch, you'll notice

if it's a $50 bill. With a debit card, you don't even know everything you paid.

The typical American bears five to seven bank cards with the average balance of $1,670

per card (People Weekly). Banking institutions are pushing the credit rating card to consumers within an effort to make

money on the interest rates and different charges that may be charged. Because the early 1990's, banks

have upped the credit limit on