Analysis of the type of Macbeth in the Take up Macbeth by English Playwright William Shakespeare

The Protagonist, Macbeth

Macbeth is a classic tragic figure taken to ruin by his individual greed,

guilt, and fear. Shakespeare intensifies Macbeth's tragic characteristics by

showing him to become a valiant hero in the very beginning of the play. He's

a courageous warrior and among King Duncan's ideal generals. In

the second scene of the take up, Macbeth has only won his most

important battle and preserved Scotland from the Norwegian King. To

honor his bravery, King Duncan provides Macbeth the name of Thane

of Cawdor. That is among the first guidelines to Macbeth's undoing, for

he longs to become more than simply a thane. His innate greed is certainly first

inflamed by three wicked witches who prophesy to Macbeth that

he can be Thane of Cawdor and King of Scotland. When

the first prophecy involves pass, Macbeth immediately commences to

long for greater electricity. He realizes that so as to seize the throne

from the king, he must murder him. Being