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Rebels and the Raj

(1857 revolt and its Representation)

1 .

So why did the Indian believe during British period that their

religion was in hazard?

Ans. (i)

Conservative Indians were angered by the numerous social

reforms initiated by British. The abolition of sati,

legalizing of widow remarriages were regarded as undesired

interference in Indian Interpersonal.

2 .


Indian comments were also harm by the Christian



In 1850, the government approved the Indio property legislation

under which in turn even after converting to Christianity a single

could receive one's ancestral property.


The someones resentment was further fuelled by the

Maulvis and Brahmins whose weep that their respective

made use of were at risk cloaked their selfish passions

as these classes now dropped their former importance.

What was the system of Subsidiary Cha?non? How did it help

the Britishers to consolidate all their position in India?

Ans. The Additional Alliance was obviously a Boat of agreement between British and on Indian ruler on the basis of Mutual


understanding for carrying out administrative, armed service and

political function.

Conditions of the Subsidiary Alliance:


The American indian ruler accepting the Bijou would not enter

into bijou with any other power.


Would not file was against any electric power without

authorization of the United kingdom.


Community allows the British resident to stay in his state.


Would accept the Britishers as the paramount

electric power.


Will maintain a few British pressure at his own expense

in his condition.


In return for accepting all of these condition, the British

could protect the Indian leader from inside and

external danger.

Advantages of the Part System for the British.



The British could actually raise military services at the price of the

American indian rulers.


They were capable of raise military at the price of the

American indian rulers.


Successful in checking the People from france.


Improved their control without waging war.


Chances of revolts on the part of American indian ruler were


" A very high degree of Hindu Muslim Unity was observed in the 1857 revolt” Explain with example.

Ans. Unity of Hindus and Muslims: An excellent00 degree of HinduMuslim unity was reflected in the 1857 Revolt. There was 79

scarcely a male of possibly faith who did not demonstrate unity. An

English man wrote, "....... the infanticide Rajput, the bigoted Brahman, the fanatic Musalman and the luxury living,

Martha signed up with together in the cause. Cow killer plus the cowworshipper, the pig hater and the pig eater revolted jointly. " Several Hindu rulers accepted Mughal chief Bahadur

Shah as their innovator. Bahadur Shah had a large number of prominent

Indio officers, whom fought togetherly against the Britishers. In Awadh prominent commanders of the rise ? mutiny belonged to

both the communities.


Analyse what causes the unrest against the United kingdom rule in India.


" The revolt of 1857 arrived as a finale of well-known

discontent with British procedures and exploitation, " In the light in the statement explain the reasons of discontent of Indian people before 1857.

Ans. (i)

Ruin of Indian economy


Riches drain fro India


Decay of Indian handcrafts

(iv) Dispossession of many Indian rulers from their



Discriminatory social procedures of the rulers.


Interference in religious affairs in the people of India

(vii) Low salaries to Indian Military personal as compared

using their Europeur alternative

(viii) World of one of the The english language people.


Did the Revolt of 1857 have a popular figure? Give

reasons in support of your answer.

seventy nine

Ans. Yes, it was a common Revolt.



Participation by civilians.


Prevalent Symbol like chapatis and Red Lotus


Engagement of a lot of regions





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