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With more period, the research examine could have encompassed all personnel (technical and clerical) of the Bahamas Electric power Corporation, Drinking water and Sewerage Corporation and Bahamas Telecommunication Corporation for any full examine of corporations in the Bahamas. Also, there were not enough profit the budget to do an outer island examine for the Family Isle branches. The female population, where the sample is being taken, is incredibly low for the males. So this sample will be pre-dominantly men which will simply show all their prospective on the matter.

Schooner Cays

Schooner Cays is definitely an area that is certainly made up of many long sand banks and beaches. These types of white lines of yellow sand are presented by turquoise water that gradually darkens to a profound blue the further it gets from your land.

There is certainly nothing quite like peering into the garbage of a little aircraft down at a beauty and so pure and natural as Schooner Cays.

Traveling over the Schooner Cays yellow sand banks

The Bahamas is among the world’s many conveniently accessible archipelagos. With airstrips of all of the Out Islands, it is possible to explore every single beautiful isle to your heart’s content.

With excellent hotel across the Away Islands, you will be very well catered to by the quite a few resorts and hotels readily available.

You will also locate your Bahamas family vacation being exceptionally practical due to the fact that the locals every speak English.

What’s more is that US Dollars happen to be accepted throughout the Bahamas.


Susan Wallace is definitely the nation’s best-known poet. She has also modifiedBack Homea great anthology of Bahamian literature. Playwright Winston Saunders may be the director from the Dundas Theater, which phases plays by Bahamian and other authors.

Popular artist Alton Lowe captures many aspects of Bahamian your life in his reasonable paintings.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force Strap performs in any way major bars. Folk boogie in the Bahamas ranges via European dances to the African-derived jump dance and the Western world Indian limbo.

7. Area Hopping in the Bahamas simply by Plane

The world is full of incredible destinations, but few are able to compare to the grandeur of the Bahamas.

To really enjoy your Bahamas family vacation, treat yourselves to an experience that you will never forget.

Whether you’re exploring the bustling streets of Nassau Bahamas or discovering Pink Sands Beach in the Out Islands, you will find yourself marveling at the beauty of this destination.

If you feel the wanderlust growing inside you, and you’re looking for more information on what to do in the Bahamas, be sure to have a look at our Bahamas Travel Guide.

There is no better way to experience the Bahamas than on a Bahamas Air Tour. The sense of freedom combined with the outstanding views is enough to make anyone fall in love with island hopping this way.

Most people explore the islands in the Bahamas from the ground and water, but to see the string of Out Islands leading off into the distance from a bird’s eye view is an experience like no other.

Your Bahamas vacation will be enhanced immensely, and your family will undoubtedly thank you.


The festival may have originated several centuries ago, when enslaved descendants of Africans on plantations in The Bahamas celebrated holidays granted around Christmas time with dance, music, and costumes. After emancipation the tradition continued and junkanoo evolved from simple origins to a formal, organised parade with intricate costumes, themed music and official prizes within various categories.

The origin of the wordjunkanoois disputed. Theories include that it is named after a folk hero named John Canoe or that it is derived from the Frenchgens inconnus(unknown people) as masks are worn by the revelers. Douglas Chambers, professor of African studies at the University of Southern Mississippi, suggests a possible Igbo origin from the Igbo yam deityNjoku Jireferencing festivities in time for the new yam festival. Chambers also suggests a link with the Igbookonkomasking tradition of southern Igboland which feature horned maskers and other masked characters in similar style to jonkonnu masks. Similarities with the Yoruba Egungun festivals have also been >However, an Akan origin is more likely because the celebration of the Fancy Dress Festivals/Masquerades are the same Christmas week(Dec 25- Jan 1st) and also John Canoe was in fact an existing king and hero that ruled Axim, Ghana before 1720, the same year the John Canoe festival was created in the Caribbean.

According to Edward Long, an 18th-century Jamaican slave owner/historian, the John Canoe festival was created in Jamaica and the Caribbean by enslaved Akans who backed the man known as John Canoe. John Canoe, from Axim, Ghana, was an Akan from the Ahanta. He was a soldier for the Germans, until one day he turned his back on them for his Ahanta people and s

Precisely what is its Origins?

The true origin of Junkanoo is unknown. However , its root base can be traced back to Western Africa. The most used legend states that the term originated from David Canoe, an African tribal chief whom demanded the right to celebrate with his people possibly after getting brought to the West Indies in slavery, During pre -and content -slavery times, Christmas was the greatest moment for celebration inside the Bahamas, and Junkanoo was the highlight. This kind of still remains to be today.

In the past, Junkanoo was obviously a spontaneous celebration, and less commercialized. The original Junkanoo Parade consisted of simple outfits of cloth, surrounded paper and facial piece of art. There was as well the use of sea sponges and also other natural elements such as leaves on a form of netting worn over the body. The essential instruments which were used nonetheless remain a similar. However , some home-made musical instruments such as conch shell, horns and poinciana pods have already been replaced by modern devices. Today, the addition of brass devices create the melody from the music.

The Junkanoo Experience

Long before the spectacularrush-outthe exuberant Junkanoo boogie troupesgroups of up to 1, 000will have been occupied rehearsing all their dazzling regimens. The musicians will have enhanced the hypnotic rhythms the can perform nighttime and daytime on a cacophony of goatskin drums, cowbells, whistles, and horns; as well as the imaginative halloween costume designers could have worked non-stop to place their own unique magic with beautifully girl crepe conventional paper and cardboard.

As the Junkanoo parade moves through the streets of downtown Nassau in the early hours of the morning (generally from 2am to 10am), the energy in the dancers plus the beat in the music motivates the vast crowds of supporters and spectators to start moving in their very own seats, or on their ft, or in the trees, or on balconieswherever they have identified a spot that to watch this soul-stirring event!

At the end with the famous Junkanoo procession, idol judges award cash for the best music, best costume, and greatest overall group presentation.

History and Ethnic Contact

Emergence of the Nation.The first res

National Identity.National tradition was forged through the communications of United kingdom and Africa traditions. Britons contributed the English terminology, Protestantism, a market economy, and European technology. Various West African peoples contributed audio instruments and styles, forms of party, religious concepts, folktales, friends and family patterns, and linguistic impacts. New values and behaviors emerged inside the Bahamian framework as well. Farms, slave revolts, colonial governance, the insular existence, the ocean, hurricanes, and many other elements contributed to the social synthesis. The hawaiian islands remained an english colony right up until independence was peacefully obtained in 1973.

Ethnic Relations.Various Bahamians perceive Haitians regarding negative stereotypes and consider them scapegoats. Haitians frequently are described as chaotic, uncivilized, and inclined toward criminality. Due to their poverty, they frequently do work Bahamians see since undesirable, and thus they are blamed for taking apart jobs. Because they speak French Creole and practice voodoo, they are deemed secretive and dangerous. Additionally, they are seen because clannish as a legal menace. It often is explained that ASSISTS arrived together with the refugees. Us citizens, whether inside the Bahamas while tourists or perhaps on business, are seen in a more ambivalent way. Their money is definitely desired, but their influence can be not appreciated. Tourism-sector careers are essential tend to be perceived as colonialism in modern dress. American investors and businesspeople are portrayed while arrogant, bold, and excessively concerned with ruling Bahamians.

Personal Life

Federal government.The Commonwealth is a constitutional, parliamentary democracy with universal avis for people age eighteen and old. The English monarch is recognized as the head of state which is represented by governor-general, nevertheless executive power is vested in the perfect minister. Main legislative power res

Command and Personal Officials.There are two major personal parties: the Free Nationwide Movement (FNM) and the Intensifying Liberal Get together (PLP). Ideologically, both parties happen to be centrist, while using PLP to some degree to the left from the FNM of all social problems. The personas of politicians and their associations with matters are more essential than personal philosophy. Many people elected for the House of Assembly seeing that independence have been middle-aged guys of African ancestry with university degrees and powerful careers in law and/or business. Residence members do not need to reside in their particular districts although normally visit frequently. Political officials are required to be available to their matters through business office visits plus the mail.

Social Control and Problems.Bahamian rules is based on English common rules and statute law. Legislation is forced via the paramilitary Royal Bahamas Police Force and federally appointed constables. Legal prosecution is definitely carried out by the attorney general’s office. Simple social control occurs through peer pressure, gossip, and fear of dangerous magic referred to asobeah. The archipelago may be the final staging area pertaining to thousands of annual shipments of illegal drugs from South usa and the Caribbean to America. Although illegal and considered as a social problem by many people, the drug operate is tolerated because it provides income. Funds laundering and related international crimes happen to be widely seen as beneficial and therefore are not criminalized. Crimes such as assault, theft, and homicide are managed routinely. Observador groups are present but are rather than an important aspect of social control.

Military Activity.Simply no military exists and Bahamians rely on the protection of the United Kingdom.

2 . Island Get the Away Islands

Within the Bahamas, there is also a string of Islands that display an all natural and untouched beauty as opposed to anywhere else on the globe.

There are 700 islands in the Out Destinations which jointly account for 84% of the Bahamas’ land mass. Each of these destinations has an completely unique individuality, with one particular, unmistakable topic in common: gorgeous landscapes.

Making a stop in the Bahamas is not really complete with no trip to many theses destinations.

Whether you’re visiting the renowned Exuma Swimming Pigs of Staniel Cay, or the impressive Pink Sands Beach on Harbour Isle, your travel of the island destinations will be unforgettable.

As there are so many Out Islands, with an endless list of things to do on each one, selecting a transport can define the kind of tour you’ll have.

Many people isle hop inside the Bahamas by boat or perhaps ferry, even though this can be a marvelous experience, there is nothing really like seeing the hawaiian islands from above.

The boundless vistas of the shining ocean and gemlike island destinations during an air travel are unequalled.

Island hopping in the Bahamas by aircraft is not only exceedingly scenic, in addition, it saves time.

Every moment spent on your holidays for the Bahamas is a moment to cherish and remember. An Atmosphere Tour of the islands will help you to make the most of your time.

On top of this all, you and your family will be swept up by the beauty of flight, leaping through the very clear sky because the nice Bahamian sun soaks into the beaches beneath you.

Jet pilots have referred to the Bahamas asthe most beautiful place on Earth seen from space. , and island hopping the Bahamas simply by plane will help you to understand why.

There is one web page in particular that displays a scene of unprecedented beauty.