A Good Man is Hard to look for Anaylsis

п»їAll Men Will be Punished

In A Good Person is Hard to Find, Flannery O'Connor tries to show that we are generally one of the same and that every man can receive The lord's grace. Inside the short story we are forced by the in direct contrast mannerisms in the Misfit and the grandmother; a single character whom believes this wounderful woman has no errors and with weak meaningful convictions. O'Connor uses paradox to display two people who have different moral codes to expose the notion that men are ultimately reprimanded, but can perform grace through attainment of self-awareness and compassion. The grandmother is usually fixated simply by her overall look, and is sure her ladylike demeanor delivers her up to and including higher standard than other folks. She would somewhat die an upright and well outfitted " lady” and maintain her really worth than plead to save the lives of her family members. The grandma lacks consideration for everyone including her as well as honors the particular superficial facets of being a female – moral values and honesty may not be considered one of those qualities well worth being appreciated. The grandma lacks sincerity and could not even admit that the accident was her wrong doing because of her lapse in memory; she'd rather stay innocent and deceitful than, ” which the house was at Tennessee” (549). When questioned, the grandma The grandma is a resting, manipulative, and selfish girl who considers she is morally superior to these around her. She thinks there are couple of good men left in the south as compared with the men in years past, and the males that the lady does be eligible as good will be Red Sammy and The Misfit; men with qualities which can be considered heinous and not worth. Red Sammy is a blind fool who will be manipulated and taken good thing about and is disappointed by the reality he is struggling to trust anyone anymore and wonders for what reason he was therefore nice towards the fellas whom conned him. The grandma somehow admires his impaired faith and simply replies to Red Sammy, ” because you're an excellent man” (547); she supports poor judgment and seemingly believes that ignorance can be an admirable quality of your good men. The unnamed grandmother tries to manipulate The Misfit in sparring her life by saying that he could be a good man simply because this individual doesn't seem like he provides, ” common blood”(550). The grandmother believes that a gentleman should be defined as decent in character in case their values align with her own; she actually is superficial. The grandmother is known as a selfish, vain, manipulator to represent qualities which in turn humankind have and are to become punished to get by Our god. The Misfit is a philosophical criminal with outlandish beliefs and usually takes joy in wrongdoing. The Misfit's values are unorthodox, however stay consistent contrary to the grandmother; he lives according to how he sees your life, and by what he thinks is right. The Misfit stocks and shares with the audience his thought that Jesus did not deserve to undergo the consequence for Man's sin, and neither does Man. He concedes that Men will be evil and punishments even worse than death, however in the procedure should delight in their worldly happiness. This individual feels like one should, ” enjoy the few minutes you got still left the best way you can by killing somebody, ” make do that Jesus had not died to redeem Man (553). The Misfit knows the problems of being a human being, and he sympathizes together with the notion that Man can be imperfect. The Misfit continues to be blamed and condemned for crimes that he would not commit, like Jesus, having been put at fault by Man. When The Misfit says, ” sometimes a person says, ” and does, ” things he doesn't mean”, he is trying to relate that man makes mistakes, and all must accept and learn to make the best of those errors (550). The Misfit tries to make the grandmother understand that Male's crimes tend not to fit the supreme punishment of death. Death is inevitable and the fate of everyone eventually; The Misfit understands his fate, and takes peace of mind in being suggest to others. For the reason that Misfit has reevaluated himself and his life, he demonstrates a self-awareness that the grandma lacks....

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