A Man Who No Sight - Composition

A Man Who No Eye

In the brief story " A Man Who Had No Eyes” written by Mackinlay Kantor tells the journey of two men, the two blind, above coming their obstacles. While Mr. Parson was giving his lodge, he was got into contact with in spite a beggar. Mister. Parsons took a step forward merely passing the beggar however the beggar quickly turned around and said " listen gov'nor, just a minute of your time” (Kantor 329). Markwardt, the beggar sold lighters for making money off of. Mr. Parsons being an admirred and respected man, handed markwart 2 fifty percent dollars. Markwardt then continued to tell his story about how he had turn into blind. As Markwardt was telling the story, he changed his tale around to get pitty from parsons. Quickly markwardt came to realize that Mr. Parsons was the different man in the ‘C Shop' with him, but when actually markwardt was your one who climbed over Mr. Parsons instead of Mr. Parsons climbing above Markwardt, just how markwardt told his history expecting to receive sympathy because he's blind, but it works out Mr. Parsons is blind as well. Mister. Parsons does not let his disability penalized blind reach him, he can now an admirred, well known man who have sells insurance. Markwardt alternatively, will not area fact go that he's blind. This individual constantly tries to get visitors to feel bad intended for him.

With this story, Markwardt constantly blamed people for his impairment, looking for do it yourself pity, while Mr. Parsons dealt with the outcome of the surge in a confident way. If the author details a window blind beggar as a person within the greasy cover, thick-necked and shaggy seeking with a poor grip on his cane, Mister. Parsons is then introduced like a handsome man with an immaculate off white suit, along with a grey hate and an malacca stay. For a living, Mr. Parsons is a successful insurance sales person and Markwardt sells lighters for two half us dollars. " And, mister, you wouldn't mind helping a poor guy out” (Kantor 329)? Markwardt consumes his life telling a story to those who will listen that he was trampled on...



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