To what level do persons in modern-day society have got choice more than their amusement activities. (24 marks)

п»їTo what extent carry out individuals in contemporary contemporary society have choice over their particular leisure activities. (24 marks) В

There may be great debate about how persons have decision over all their leisure activities. I for starters believe that it depends greatly upon personal choice for the leisure actions we participate in. Yet course or cultural status also can have a slight influence upon these elements. Postmodernists, such as Lyotard (1984), believe that the boundaries among social class and leisure time have become blurred, therefore crystal clear links between class and leisure actions no longer are present. As a consequence of this kind of, Postmodernists declare regardless of the cultural class we could a part of, many of us have the ability to 'Pick and Choose' how we spend our free time. Yet surely the leisure activities that we take part in simply cannot purely become down to our interests. Individuals who are in operating class, will not be able to spend the money for luxuries of leisure those in higher or midsection class will take part in. Therefore you will find social limitations upon our leisure actions.

Marxists don't agree with the postmodernist theory. They believe that occupation or interpersonal class influences the enjoyment activities that people can choose. Marxists such as Parker believe in the thought of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Returns. For example the manual Working Course jobs are executed for extrinsic rewards, the ones that provide an get away from work, whereas central class or white collar jobs offer more intrinsic rewards, the ones that allow enjoyment activity to link with work. Parkers theory even offers valid details, but this individual over-emphasizes the value that work offers in framing our enjoyment activity. His research is as well something that is usually not generalisable, because it is focused primarily about men entirely time paid out employment. Two other Marxists, Clarke and Critcher (1995) point out that leisure has now become a launched multinational industry that is likewise highly put. The fact that we now stay in a media-saturated society...



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