Acc 501: Current Property, Fixed Possessions and Revenues

ACC501 Current eleven Solved Finalterm Papers and Important



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Problem No: 1 ( Represents: 1 ) - Please choose one

The accounting meaning of income can be:

►Income sama dengan Current Assets -Current Debts

►Income = Fixed Property - Current Assets

►Income = Profits - Current Liabilities

►Income = Profits - Bills pg 18

Question No: 2 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please select one

What would be the capital spending for a business who has bought fixed possessions of Rs. 200, 1000 and sold fixed possessions of Rs. 45, 1000?

►Rs. 245, 000

►Rs. 200, 1000

►Rs. one particular 55, zero 0 0

►Rs. forty-five, 000



Issue No: several ( Signifies: 1 ) - You should choose one

Selected information via SNT Industry�s accounting information is as follows: o Funds paid to retired common shares Rs. 15, 000

o Proceeds from issuance of preferred stocks Rs. 20, 000 um

Cash dividends paid Rs. 8, 000

um Proceeds from sale for equipment Rs. 25, 1000

On the cash flow affirmation for the season, SNT Company should statement net cashflow from funding activities as:

►Rs. a few, 000 net cash influx

►Rs. 3, 000 net cash outflow

►Rs. eight, 000 net cash inflow

►Rs. eight, 000 net cash influx

Question Zero: 4 ( Marks: 1 ) -- Please choose one

SNT Organization has a current ratio of three: 2 . Current Liabilities reported by the company happen to be Rs. 35, 000. What would be the Net Working Capital intended for the company?

►Rs. 45, 000

►Rs. 12-15, 000

► ( L s. 5 5, zero 0 0 )

►( Rs. 12-15, 000)

Problem No: your five ( Represents: 1 ) - Please choose one

Which usually of the subsequent would not improve the current proportion?

►Borrow initial to financing additional fixed assets

►Issue long-term debt to buy products on hand

►Sell prevalent stock to reduce current financial obligations

►Sell set assets to minimize accounts payable

Question No: 6 ( Marks: you ) - Please choose one

Which usually of the following are designed into the computation of the Man -Pont Personality?

I. Returning on resources II.

Fairness Multiplier

3. Total Property Turnover

IV. Profit Perimeter

►I, II, and III only

►I, III, and IV just

► II, III and IV simply pg forty-five

►I, II, III, a n g IV

Question No: six ( Markings: 1 ) - Make sure you choose one

The concepts of present benefit and foreseeable future value are:

►Directly related to each other

►Not related to one another

►Proportionately related to each other

►Inversely related to one another

Question No: 8 ( Marks: you ) -- Please select one

Which of the following is known as a special circumstance of pension, where the stream of cash goes continues forever?

►Special Pension

►Ordinary Premium

►Annuity Thanks


Question Simply no: 9 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please select one

Which from the following is an unsecured connection for which not any specific give your word of real estate is made?




►Note Payable

Debenture is usually an unsecured relationship

for which no specific give your word of

property is made

Issue No: twelve ( Represents: 1 ) - You should choose one

Which usually of the next type of return refers to the percentage change in how much money you have?

►Nominal return

►Real return

►Inflation return

►None of the given option

The nominal go back is the

percentage change in the total amount

of money you may have.

Question Simply no: 11 ( Marks: you ) -- Please choose one

When real rate can be _____, all interest rates is going to tend to become _____. ►Low; higher

►High; lower

►High; larger

►None with the given choices

When genuine rate can be high, almost all interest

rates will are likely to be bigger and

the other way round.

Question Zero: 12 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please select one

Which from the following may be the extra deliver that traders dem and on a taxable bond as being a compensation pertaining to the undesirable tax treatment?

►Interest level risk premium

►Inflation risk premium

►Default risk high grade

►Taxability superior

Investors demand extra deliver on a taxable bond like a compensation to get the bad tax treatment, known as

taxability premium

Query No: 13 ( Markings: 1 ) - Please choose one

Through which type of the industry, previously issued...



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