A great Analysis of Stealing simply by Carol Ann Duffy


Robbing by Jean Ann Duffy was written in the 1980's after Duffy had seen her nearby neighbours snowman taken from their front garden. Getting inspired with this, she wrote this composition reflecting on the problems that occured in that moment, hence it had been the time in Britain wherever unemployment was high because of Margaret Thatcher's (the Excellent Minister during the 1980's) government policies.

The composition starts with a rhetorical problem, " One of the most unusual factor I at any time stole? " This problem seems like it's been repeated to oneself following hearing similar question which in turn shows the imperfection from the start of the poem. This uncertainness reflects the one Duffy had lived in individuals times where there was a large amount of social unrest poll taxes riots, the miner's affect and contest riots. Right after the question comes the answer, " A snowman" which makes you little amazed because It is really worth nothing. Even so this evinces that the monetary conditions in that era was so bad that even robbing worthless things meant an achievement. The thief is indeed lonely that he wishes a snowman as a companion which creates a compassion between the audience until the use of negative associations in the next line. " Which has a mind since cold while the piece of ice within my brain. " suggests that this thief can be psychologically disturbed and falls short of compassion from your comparison of him and a great inanimate thing. This is due to life's difficulties and the adversities of unemployment. Through the first stanza, the paragraphs are short and full of caesuras. This kind of depicts the thiefs state of mind where the pauses show the distress and turmoil in her mind which usually doesn't allow her manage to think properly.

The second stanza contains a whole lot of violence with the phrases, " lifeless, frozen stiff, fierce cool, piercing my own gut, " which can looking glass the tough moments in the 1980's when physical violence was very common and regular. The thief seems sadistic when he dismantles the snowman as it makes him content in imagining the children cry...



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