Annotated Biblography

Amber Reese-Winsley

Mister. Guthrie

EH 101

14 April 2013

" Causes, Effects, and Prevention of Domestic Assault. " Kid Abuse and Domestic Violence. Melissa J. Doak. 2009 ed. Of detroit: Gale, 2009. Information Additionally Reference Series. Opposing Views In Context. Web. 12 Apr. 2013

Doak concentrates on the causes of home violence. Doak gives several causes intended for domestic assault such as: surviving in poverty, anxiety, depression, desperation, jealousy, and anger. However , much attention is dedicated to the sophisticated relationship between domestic violence and low income. The article writer uses the 1985 Nationwide Family Physical violence survey showing that significant physical acts of better half abuse may occur in lesser homes. The survey revealed that family members living by or under the poverty level had a price of marriage violence 500% greater than more affluent households. Doak has studied home-based violence to get thirty years which is an author of social welfare; the article is usually academic peer-reviewed, so it is reputable. I will make use of numbers through the survey consumed in this article pertaining to my debate that lower income causes home violence. Hetling, Andrea, and Haiyan Zhang. " Household Violence, Lower income, And Cultural Services: Will Location Matter?. " Social Science Quarterly (Blackwell Publishing Limited) 91. 5 (2010): 1144-1163. Educational Search Leading. Web. 15 Apr. 2013. Helting and Haiyan show the similarities among domestic violence in poor households relative to upper-income households and the connected risk that poverty is wearing domestic violence. They research whether or not domestic violence organizations are located in areas of require. The average twelve-monthly female intimate partner victimization rate every 1, 1000 persons among 2001 and 2005 elevated annually compared to the steady period for women with annual home incomes over $50, 000. In some scenarios, poverty may well intensify the probability of experiencing home violence. With fewer alternatives for economic self-sufficiency and social support...



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