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This passage particulars the confrontation between nyasha returned after having a dance and has been offender of inappropriate behavior. The passage displays how tyrannical babamukuru can be as well since the difficulty nyasha endure within a patriarchal society and the deal with of gender inequality. Dangarembga makes this a climactic moment through stunning characterization, intense dialogue and detailed framework. Characterization utilized to show the emotions between characters and also to show all their behavior throughout this climatic minute. In the verse a lot of emotions took place with plenty of physical and verbal activities, especially between babamukuru and nyasha. Babamukuru's anger was greatly demonstrated because of nyasha's activities having a boy. There was clearly this one moment threatening to kill his own little girl. For example , there is threatening moments in the range " She is going to not live. ” That statement is incredibly striking to us mainly because it's hard to believe the harsh consequences must be paid for such little factor like dance with some son. Its demonstrates babamukuru was so mad that he'd kill his daughter which makes this actually an exciting minute. Nyasha now in this paragraph she turns into too protective with her parents not so sure what will happen with her. She acquired so much amount of resistance that when babamukuru hit her she responds back and attacks back. I believe that is what leads to an extremely climatic circumstance when they start off going to the earth and actually tossing punches backwards and forwards. Nyasha becoming too very pleased was the trouble. In one collection babamukuru says " she actually is proud. That is her issue. ” If she had not behaved by doing this she wouldn't have been hit by her father. Over the whole passage chido seriously tried to not challenge his father simply by speaking away or else he'd also be in the grass with them. Although he was trying to not participate in whatever he knew he had to split up the battle and stop this from rising. In some ways I actually consider him being smart not to say a word to these people...



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