Artur Czapla: Manager of MIG-Investments

Artur Czapla may be the manager of my big real estate company, called MIG-Investments. He was delivered on the twenty third February 85 and is his career at a very young age. When still a teen, he has interned for companies such as Deloitte and in addition worked at his dad's firm to achieve valuable encounter. He was admitted to MIG-Investments for the positioning of a sales representative and has worked his way up to the administrative position over the course of 3 years. His primary responsibilities being a manager include allocating others' work and supervising his subordinates. Some of the many great qualities that enable him to perform well at the task are determination and uniformity. His superb organisation abilities help him make sure that almost all deadlines will be met. Artur Czapla is known as a person who can be extremely demanding and expects everyone to place their best hard work into the responsibilities they are executing. However , at the same time he can maintain friendly human relationships with all of his subordinates. Czapla is a great member of staff with couple of blemishes which are overridden by simply his huge assets. Although he features his defects, he is somebody highly recommendable.

Artur Czapla is the manager of my own big property company, named MIG-Investments. He was born for the 23rd March 1985 and has started his career for a very early age. While still a teenager, he has interned at businesses such as Deloitte and also proved helpful at his father's organization to gain important experience. Having been admitted to MIG-Investments to get the position of any sales agent and has worked his method up to the management position over the course of 3 years. His main responsibilities as a supervisor include allocating others' function and supervising his subordinates. Some of the a large number of positive features that permit him to accomplish well on the job will be motivation and consistency. His great business skills help him ensure that all deadlines are attained. Artur Czapla is a individual that is incredibly demanding and expects everybody to put their particular...



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