History Info on the Band Parachute

The strap Parachute is definitely from Charlottesville, Virginia. The band's first name was, Sparky's Catch. In 2008, they improved their term to Parachute. The members include: Will certainly Anderson (vocals, guitar, and keyboard), Johnny Stubblefield (drums), Alex Hargrave (bass guitar), Kit French (saxophone, computer keyboard, and vocals), and Nate McFarland (guitar, and vocals). The people from the group have been visiting and advertising their music since they managed to graduate in May 08. They have were on the road with many music artists such as Duffy, Matt Nathanson, Michelle Part, and The Goo Goo Plaything. During their first tour, following release of their album, " Losing Rest, ” they toured with artists such as The Script, Old Serenade, 3 Doors Straight down, and Kelly Clarkson.

Parachute is an American rock band. Their genre of music is usually pop rock and blue-eyed soul. Their songs " Under Control” and " She is Love” were used in Nivea's national cosmetic television ads. Their initially album was release last season and is offered on iTunes. Their second single in the album, Burning off Sleep, was " Below Control” and was outlined as the Free iTunes Single with the Week. The way in which it Was, was launched in 2011. They are currently focusing on their third album.

Their particular singles last year were, " She is Love” and " Under Control. ” Parachute's public in 2011 had been, " Anything to Believe In, ” " Kiss Myself Slowly, ” " Me and you, ” and " The things i Know. ” Their fresh and approaching single, from their new recording in 2013, is going to be, " Hearts Go Crazy. ”

I have been to a couple of all their concerts while i was youthful. Parachute is definitely one of my all period favorite artists. I can really relate to what they write and sing regarding. Many of the tunes explain my thoughts and feelings.



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