Branches Of Philosophy 1

Branches of Philosophy

Adrienne Byrd

PHIL201 -- 1404A – 12


Branches of Philosophy

We all fight with philosophy and where to go from there once we make a decision what our sets of ideas are. Even as we put each of our philosophy set up, we after that struggle with changing our philosophy. I believe that philosophies may be always changing any given circumstance and in purchase for expansion as an educator we have to bear in mind to the scenarios that can transform our philosophy, as well as becoming true to our core values. However , for this to occur we must determine what philosophy is, and what not and how it along with line with ideology and theories. For this assignment, Let me compare and contrast idea, ideology, and theory. � Philosophy is considered the most beliefs with what is true or perhaps real according to individual values. Philosophy is our beliefs that may determine what we do professionally and individually. Not having a philosophy set in place, it will be hard to make decisions within the class, creating classes and evaluate progress. Even though a person can create goals without having a philosophy integrated, not having the inspiration of a collection philosophy (core set of beliefs) achieving the desired goals can be a extremely tough challenge. � Educators need a starting point to know why we believe and act the way we all do in our classrooms. Using a philosophy permits an educator to reflect on making classroom actions consistent with the beliefs associated with learning. However , before all of us lost the " beliefs” we need to get deeper into what makes up our philosophy. There are several major components to philosophy – Metaphysics, Epistemology, Axiology, and Reasoning. In order to be in a position to understand philosophy we need to be able to understand it is components. � Metaphysics is the branch of viewpoint that works with the nature of actuality. In metaphysics, one asks themselves precisely what is really real; what is the nature between staying and reality; what is the foundation of the galaxy; these concerns lead to more questions that lie past physics, more of the what if's, does it actually exist. Usually, each answer to the questions we inquire ourselves worldwide of metaphysics is going to differ from person to person as there is NO right answer. � How does metaphysics play a part in education? Well, again, it really is about base. Every educational program needs to be based upon truth and details, not thoughts or impression. Having different metaphysical morals can lead to various different educational approaches – methods could be dramatically different as if the universe was created by the big boom, or created by simply God, or perhaps if mankind evolved from apes. Metaphysics could be a huge underlying factor of everything we perform within the class room. Another element of philosophy can be epistemology. Epistemology seeks vary simplistic answers, but may very well be to be strongly related to metaphysics. Epistemology allows us to ask questions including how do we really know what we know; precisely what is the truth; exactly how learn; for this component, we deal with issues of reliability of the expertise and the quality of the types of the knowledge. � In regards education, epistemology deals with the knowledge process and in understanding this, teachers are involved in this starting. It has a direct impact upon the presumptions of the types of knowledge and exactly how it is shown in educating methodologies. In referring back in metaphysics, and determining on what truth we believe in factors in how we choose curriculums to get our class. For example , if we believe that God created the whole world, our program may have more of a hope base compared to a more " worldly” watch as most community school areas may include. However , the factor of epistemology is that our philosophy and facts about the knowledge and its sources will have a persuasion about how we put into practice our class...

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