Example on Robert Princeton in Falls Online video

| |A Case Study on Robert Princeton

Case Target:

Why an enthusiastic and self-motivated employee Robert Princeton left his job within few months after joining inspite of taking some imaginative initiatives? Exactly what the problems linked to the company and what are our recommendations to resolve those problems?

Concerns identified through the case:

1 ) Problems facing by the organization for which Robert Princeton was appointed to fix it.

-- Loses of videotapes by simply stolen or misplaced.

- Inadequate existing videotapes to fulfill up the require of customers.

- Absenteeism and tardiness of employees.

- High employee turnover.

-- Expecting maximum output from low pay employees.

2 . Findings simply by Robert Princeton

- Irritating Boss

-- No leave policy pertaining to the employees.

-- Employees were not properly educated.

- Simply no long term advantage for employees such as health care insurance policy.

-- Company is only concern regarding increased profit/turnover without purchasing new concerns.

- Not enough proper assistance to the staff.

- Lack of commitment towards the values of employees.

several. Our findings from the circumstance

- There were a Discord of Function.

- Momma Valenchia failed to appoint right people for correct job.

- Robert Princeton wrongly recognized the type of company/business.

- Understanding of Princeton about Momma Valenchia was wrong which is often categorize as”Halo Effect” (He was encouraged by a praise, " Work hard and you will be successful”).

Moreover, we could completely decided on the studies of Robert Princeton.

So why Robert Princeton left his job?

Robert Princeton kept the job pertaining to following reasons:

вњ“ Values of Princeton were neglected.

вњ“ Relating to Maslow Theory, having been not being able to fulfill his increased needs such as self esteem & self actualization.

вњ“ Not enough motivation.

вњ“ Irritating Employer.

вњ“ Conflict with client positions and position.

Before all of us go for ideas or recommendations, we have attempted to define the functions of Princeton and Mario based on the topics all of us learned from our OB study course.


Persona of Princeton:

- Relating to Mayers-Briggs Type Sign, Princeton falls under ENTP type the conceptualizer as they is a modern, individualistic and has gumptiouspioneering, up-and-coming drive.

-- According to Big Five model he has a personality of Visibility to Experience as he is very inventive and have interest with novelty. He has the quality of effective management.

- This individual has low self monitoring personality characteristic for which he could not change with his boss.

- He also has Aggressive personality as he has considered many endeavours proactively inside short time.

Character of Mario:

- Narcissism. As he provides a grandiose impression of self-importance and off - course he is pompous.


Beliefs of Robert Princeton:

|Terminal Values |Instrumental Values | |Freedom i actually. e. cost-free choice to take initiatives. |Helpful such as earning a living for others wellbeing. | |Inner Harmony just like freedom by inner issue. |Imaginative or perhaps creative function. | |Sense of Success. | | | |Capable or competent....



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