Merry Shelly Frankenstein

Marry Shelly – Frankenstein

1 . That which was Victor's attention attracted by simply?

He was drawn by " the human frame” and the secret of lifestyle. 2 . What, according to Victor, acquired stopped people from understanding the mystery of life? Cowardice and negligence.

3. Which usually areas of study did Victor dedicate himself to?

Science/physiology and all-natural philosophy.

four. What made Victor persevere in studies, which in turn for most people would have been ‘irksome and almost intolerable'? He miracles why the mystery of life is actually not examined.

5. What childhood knowledge made Victor unafraid of supernatural horrors? He had witnessed human corrosion – something that his father had taught 6. Exactly where did Victor carry out his research?

Vaults and charnel houses (kapeller)

7. What did Victor witness whilst carrying out his research? This individual saw systems decay

almost 8. Did Victor make his discovery without much effort?

Not any! He spent a lot of time exploring and screening

The Accomplish of my personal toils:

1 . How would victor think just before he gave existence to the creature? He was pain and anxiety

installment payments on your The enemies first movements?

Open their yellow eye

3. Just how did Victor feel about his creations?

His heart is filled with disgust and horror. He can torn between feelings of pride and sorrow 5.

Flees to his chamber (bedroom) to have a few moments of forgetfulness 5.

He dreams about Elisabeth (his dead wife) and his mother


The huge is in his room in fact it is holding out their hands to achieve Victor 7. How do Victor spend the rest of the night?

He takes refuge inside the courtyard where he anxiously listens to every little sound. This individual fears which the monster will find him and kill him



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