Coconut Sugar

COCONUT SUGAR ADDED WITH ANTI-FERMENATION AGENT – WHAT IS THE! Anti-fermentation agent made of lime, calcium hydroxide or salt metabisulfite are openly and traditionally employ by many coconut sweets producing countries. Adding Anti-fermentation agent is usually use since customarily use by coconut sugar processor chip if they may harvest the coconut sap every half of the day like every 6: 00 WAS and 6: 00PM. The benefits of applying of anti-fermentation agents is definitely they are able to employed taller coconut trees for lower time cost wherever they are able to offer coconut sugar at lower their selling price.

Coconut Sap that harvested in every single 12 hours ought to add plenty amount of Anti-fermentation agent where you experience some unwanted off preference. It also needs to cook for a longer time time by higher temperature to be able to lentigo but turn into over prepared which impact the nutrients and has burned taste or perhaps bitter following taste with dark color. In addition , coconut sugar with Anti-Fermentation agent is hard to dry and has lot of moisture exactly where bacteria features speedy development in millions and become sour taste and sour stench within very short period of your time. Other coconut sugar with anti-fermentation agent is also produced in hindrances or in any other shape since it is usually difficult to granules due to excessive moisture content material. Well dried coconut sugars the lentigo are free streaming separately rather than stick to the other person. We make use of coconut sugar and sometimes pay high sum because of its health benefits, however a few coconut sugar with anti-fermentation agents and lot of bacterial only has contributed us medical problems.



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