Crack as well as the Box

I consolidated my thoughts and realised that technology around all of us has actually made all of us unwitting slaves. Hamil produced the comparability between television watching prescription drugs taking, which in turn both rules the lives of the lovers (Hamil 489). In this response, I perspective television as a possibility that might have led many individuals towards the path of isolation. Alternatively, it appears in my opinion that tv set is not the main component leading to this problem and examining may not be the very best substitution since it is a unhappy activity. Audiences are often blinded by the concealed agenda in back of every television programme. Dramas usually plot viewers simply by painting a photo which every person perceive their ideal existence would be. The fates of actors' hails from the programmes are pre- planned unlike reality where no one knows where each of our future lies. These have misled peoples' mindset of wanting to live that is beneficial. Hence, they can be alienated from your world and gradually turn into drug addicts. Determined by the life situation of the Americans which Hamil has come around, it seems like love from family could be the solution to their problems. These people rely on drugs and television programmes to fill up the void inside them which can be just momentary means. They need to divert their focus in strengthening the bonds within their family because they are the ones who will probably be there for you. Interaction such as writing your problems and functioning them away among their family would finally give them the support they want. Watching television programmes would also be seen as a even more useful activity for family to collect and exchange their thoughts when they are observing a plan. Therefore , it all lies in the type of roles that folks are willing to accept which determines the satisfaction of their lives.



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