Creative writing and philosophy degree

What our learners say

I can actually say that three years We spent studying CPW at Wolverhampton University or college were the best of warring. I did not hate a single component I examined, and I feel that I learned something essential from every single one. I am unable to believe how much my producing has superior, and I have not only acquired valuable producing skills, but also important existence skills. Megan Hallowell (graduate 09)

My philosophical education has nurtured my personal cognitive capabilities to degrees of intensity and endurance I would personally never have believed myself competent of. Likewise, the eagerness of the lecturers has performed an integral part in my coming to value that the journey to new ways of finding the world can be as pleasurable because the vacation spot itself. Andres Delete Cisne (Graduate 09)

Before enrolling upon CPW on the University of Wolverhampton I was an aspiring writer with an interest in apprehension only. After that I’ve learned all about new styles and makes: humour producing, travel producing, journalism, short stories, books, writing for youngsters and much more. There may be so much diversity on this program I was hardly ever bored and I learned a lot about the world of writing, approximately myself like a writer. Andrew Heaton (graduate, 09).

Minor on paper

A minor in writing requires 18 hours over 6-hour primary curriculum formula requirement, which 9 hours must be selected from the following advanced-level creative, technical, or perhaps critical producing courses: (No grade below C)

  • ENGL 3326 Advanced Expository Writing.
  • ENGL 3350 Creative Composing: Poetry.
  • ENGL 3350 Creative Composing: Fiction.
  • ENGL 4345 Writing Seminar: Poetry.
  • ENGL 4345 Writing Workshop: Fiction.
  • ENGL 3310 Technical Survey Writing.
  • ENGL 4310 Teaching of Writing.
  • ENGL 4347 Multimedia Composing.
  • ENGL 4312 Research in Language and Linguistics (Grammar).
  • COMM 3330 Advanced Journalism (with authorization of Instructor).
  • With departmental acceptance, advanced publishing classes coming from English or other exercises may replacement for the classes listed above pertaining to the small.

Requirements for all English BA degrees:

  1. Completing Core and Academic footings (language)
  2. ENGL 3326 – Advanced Expository Producing
  3. A single American Literary works class: 3322, 3324, or 3392
  4. One British Literature category: 3382 or 3384
  5. One World Literature school: 3330 or 3332
  6. Six hours of the 12 academic electives must be in the 3000 or 4000 level.

All English majors must accomplish those requirements. Then pupils have several options (plans) they can go after, each having its own extra, plan-specific requirements. Those several options will be as follows:

Books Concentration Composing Concentration Rhetoric/Composition Concentration Tutor Certification

  1. Students must take reporter second 4000-level classes in American, English, and Universe Literature. Basically, students need to take two American, two British and two Universe Literature classes, one in the junior level as needed (above) upon all level plans, but then another one in each category at the 4000-level.
  2. Students must take three additional 4000-level English electives.
  1. Pupils must consider three additional programs from among the following list: 3310 (Technical Writing), 3316 (Poetic Analysis), 3326 (Adv Expository Writing), 3350 (Creative Writing – Poetry or perhaps Fiction), 4310 (Teaching of Writing), 4312 (Studies in Language and Linguistics), 4345 (Writing Seminar), 4347 (Multimedia Writing), 4355 (Editing Technological Communication), 4361 (Documentation Design), some additional writing courses from outside of the division also define, including COMM 3330 (Adv Journalistic Writing), etc . Because listed in the catalog, several courses might be taken over and over again to fulfill requirements (3350, ainsi que al. ).
  2. College students must take three additional 4000-level English electives.
  1. College students must take three additional training from among the following list: 3327 (Advanced Argumentation), 4300 (Introduction to Linguistics), 4301 (History with the English Language), 4303 (Sociolinguistics), 4312 (Studies in Terminology and Linguistics), 4314 (Studies in Important Theory), 4346 (Studies in Rhetoric), 4347 (Multimedia Writing).
  2. Students must have three additional 4000-level English electives.
  1. College students must consider ENGL 4321.
  2. Students must consider two of the next genre training, 3316 (Poetic Analysis), 3320 (Child and Adolescent Literature), 3340 (Mythology), 3350 (Creative Writing), 3360 (The Short Story), 3370 (The Drama), 3380 (British Novel), 3390 (American Novel).
  3. Pupils must consider three additional 4000-level English electives.


These modules will be correct at the time of publication. Modules may change over time due to validation and continuous monitoring policies. Applicants will be informed in writing of any significant changes to their particular chosen course(s).

Title Credit Type Year Location
Craft of Writing twenty. 00 Primary

1 Wolverhampton City Campus
Summary of European Viewpoint 20. 00 Core

1 Wolverhampton City Campus
Reading as being a Writer 20. 00 Core

1 Wolverhampton City Campus
Thinking Ethically twenty. 00 Core

1 Wolverhampton City Grounds
Fundamental Language 20. 00 Recommended

1 Wolverhampton City Grounds
General Language twenty. 00 Optionally available

1 Wolverhampton City Grounds
By Student to Scholar twenty. 00 Optional

1 Wolverhampton City Campus
Well-liked Culture 20. 00 Optional

1 Wolverhampton City Campus
Reading and Writing Poetry twenty. 00 Optional

1 Wolverhampton City Campus
Volunteering in the Community twenty. 00 Recommended

1 Wolverhampton City Campus
Moral Virtues, Guidelines and Judgement 20. 00 Core

two Wolverhampton Town Campus
Humour Composing 20. 00 Core

two Wolverhampton Metropolis Campus
Knowing the Globe: Language and Experience twenty. 00 Core

2 Wolverhampton City Grounds
Life-Writing 20. 00 Core

2 Wolverhampton City Campus
Basic Vocabulary 20. 00 Optional

two Wolverhampton City Campus
Body, Libido and Identification 20. 00 Optional

a couple of Wolverhampton Metropolis Campus
Elementary Terminology 20. 00 Optional

2 Wolverhampton Town Campus
Law, Morality and World 20. 00 Optional

a couple of Wolverhampton City Campus
The Enlightenment 20. 00 Optional

a couple of Wolverhampton Metropolis Campus
Volunteering for action 20. 00 Optional

a couple of Wolverhampton Town Campus
Writing Features 20. 00 Optional

2 Wolverhampton Metropolis Campus
Freedom, Identification and Genuineness 20. 00 Core

a few Wolverhampton Metropolis Campus
Genre twenty. 00 Core

3 Wolverhampton City Campus
Home and Other: The Demands of Social Justice 20. 00 Key

3 Wolverhampton City Campus
Teaching Writing 20. 00 Main

3 Wolverhampton City Campus
Primary Language 20. 00 Optionally available

3 Wolverhampton City Grounds
Global Media/Global Lifestyle 20. 00 Optional

several Wolverhampton Metropolis Campus
Humanities Business and Community Link 20. 00 Recommended

3 Wolverhampton City Grounds
Self-employed Study – Writing Task 20. 00 Optional

several Wolverhampton City Campus
Independent Examine in Viewpoint 20. 00 Optional

a few Wolverhampton Town Campus
Intermediate/Advanced Terminology 20. 00 Optional

a few Wolverhampton Town Campus
Writing a Novel twenty. 00 Optional

3 Wolverhampton City Campus

Entry requirements

We agree to a wide range of qualifications for admittance to our undergraduate programmes. Typical offers consist of A-level degrees CCC having a minimum of class C in English or related subject matter. Applicants with no A-level English language may still be considered.

Perspective typical offers for more information.

Leading UK writing course, taught by award-winning practitioners.

  • Even more specialist hair strands than some other course in britain.
  • Focus on graduate employability, building industry connections.
  • Large and diverse scholar body – close to 500 students by across the world.

This course is usually challenging, fascinating, and versatile. Right here, you can expect a professional level of college tuition – and that we expect a professional level of determination and success from you in return.

Employability is central towards the writing programme. Both independently and in groups, you’ll plan for the writing/creative industry profession of your choice.

Bath Spa gave me the opportunity to extend myself scholastically and artistically. It was and so encouraging to obtain my innovative writing taken seriously by very respected instructors.

The latest Creative Producing graduate

Summary of Requirements

One (1) Fundamentals in Creative Producing course 2.Two (2) Specialized Seminars (in the present student’s primary genre) Three (3) Advanced Workshops (at least two inside the student’s main genre) §1 (1) Literary Genre Program3 (3) Literature CoursesTwo (2) Research Background ElectivesOne (1) BA Workshop, chosen coming from:Total Units
2 hundred
three hundred
2 hundred
Thesis/Major Assignments: Fiction
Thesis/Major Projects: Poems
Thesis/Major Tasks: Nonfiction
toll free

CRWR 17000 to CRWR 17999

Technical Workshops in Fictional works: CRWR 20200 to CRWR 20299; Beautifully constructed wording: CRWR 20301 to CRWR 20399; Nonfiction: CRWR 20400 to CRWR 20499

Advanced Workshops in Fiction: CRWR 22100 to CRWR 22299; Poetry: CRWR 23100 to CRWR 23299; Nonfiction: 24001 to CRWR 24199. Commencing Workshops may possibly count because the third workshop if they meet the requisites listed under the Program Requirements.

Career in Law

Law schools seek out students with training in viewpoint since they are looking for students with training in strenuous thought, intrigue, and common sense. Although most students think that personal science is the foremost avenue for pursuing a job in legislation, an excellent strategy to potential regulation students is definitely philosophy. Beliefs students gain the third maximum scores around the LSAT only under premier in mathematics and economics. And beliefs majors typically find this software a natural expansion of their undergrad degree. Legislation schools are looking for students whom are analytically adept and able to argue numerous points of view both in prose and conversation, as a result philosophy majors who knuckle down often excel in law school.

Profession in Business

Similarly, businesses are often very open to viewpoint majors due to their rigorous mental training and problem solving capacities. There are also quite a few careers in management and revenue in which philosophy majors will discover themselves meet. Lawrence Ur. Malnig and Anita Malnig write, Business leaders most regularly cite to be able to learn in new conditions and the capacity to analyze, assess, and interpret data data management because two of the most crucial qualities that successful management must own. Evaluation, evaluation, and interpretation info are the foremost skill set used by philosophy dominant. Although most students associate philosophy with argumentation and paper-writing, it is through those signifies that analysis, evaluation, and meaning occur. Naturally , students searching for careers in corporate would succeed to add a dual major in business, marketing, or mathematics to their level, but research of sophisticated situations and logical deductions are skills that philosophy majors develop to mastery.

What happens within the course?

Your writing segments will fall season broadly in three types: Craft of Writing themes, Reading like a Writer modules, and Doing work as a Copy writer modules. Create modules give attention to you being a writer and are designed to help you explore your creative imagination although developing the skills required to exhibit it. Browsing as a Copy writer modules are designed teach you tips on how to read with an vision for strategy: the emphasis here will probably be on the things you can study from other copy writers across a spectrum of styles and genres. Operating as a Writer modules include a professional dimension and offer the opportunity to develop skills which will enhance your employablity as a article writer.

In philosophy, the initial year of study offers a comprehensive introduction to critical considering and beliefs. You will analyze modules which in turn introduce you to a number of the subject’s important concepts, installing you with all the knowledge and skills necessary to study this kind of subject for degree level. In your second year you look at crucial traditions in moral beliefs and get the chance to assess your very own moral connaissance and concepts. You may also look into the Enlightenment – widely regarded as the movement that formed the central corporations and buildings of the contemporary western world. Another year in the course turns into more specific and focussed and you may choose from modules like Freedom, Recognition and Authenticity; Philosophy of Mind; Self and Other.

All students could have the opportunity to write a dissertation that combines Beliefs with Creative and Professional writing.

What we look for in potential learners

Most of our candidates will have top marks or a M in English Language and English Literary works at A good. That said, all of us do assess each application on its own value and many of our most good graduates have not fit perfectly into standard criteria. Please write right to the course leader and also the admissions staff to discuss your individual circumstances.

All of us also pleasant applications coming from students who also demonstrate genuine commitment with their writing. This kind of commitment could possibly be expressed in publications, accolades, and/or involvement with the Beginner of Great Arts in Creative Composing.