Mashing and Milling: Two Important Parts inside the Mining Market

In the vitamin processing market, production costs cover a lot more than 40% of the total expense on average, as the production costs of grinding covers much more than 40% usually. While the purchases of mincing equipments are the cause of about 60 per cent of the total investment of mineral processing industry.

All of the processes that make large particle materials in small particles through exterior force may be refered as crushing, the mechanical appliance is called crusher. All the processes that make small particle components powder through outside power can be called mashing or running. It can be named powder generator for short. The machinery can be called pulverizer and milling mill. The machinery that combine the crushing and grinding may be refered as crushing and grinding equipment.

In the cement industry, the role of broken mincing costs inside the cement functions are around 20% of production costs, and electricity consumption of crushing machinery accounts for about 10% of total electricity usage, while the natural powder mill makes up about 60%.

With the economic rapid development of society, The demand and production scale of all kinds of metal, non-metal, chemical mineral deposits, as well as cement, building materials increase gradually, so the material that needs to be crushed and grinded is raising rapidly. Considering that the 90s, the annual sum of material throughout the broken running is up to 95 million plenty. China's annual output of brittle components has already come to more than 1 ) 5 billion dollars, of which about 240 , 000, 000 tons are iron ore, more than 75 million plenty of nonferrous alloys ore, a lot more than 260 , 000, 000 tons of non-metallic minerals, over 30 , 000, 000 tons of chemical substance minerals, about 400 , 000, 000 tons of bare cement, more than 470 million a great deal of limestone to get building. The majority of these materials has to be broken throughout the grinding, therefore we can see mashing and powdered projects enjoy a huge function in the nationwide economy.

Many different types of stone crusher, stone crushing...



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