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March 2010


Vacation spot Marketing " '... destination marketing includes all the activities and processes to bring buyers and sellers together; focuses on responding to buyer demands and competitive positioning; is a constant coordinated set of activities connected with efficient syndication of products to high potential markets; and involves making decisions regarding the product, personalisation, price, marketplace segmentation, promotion and distribution'. ” WTO (2004: 10) Destination Personalisation „Geographic spots, like organisations or products, can also be top quality and the goal of such branding is always to make people mindful of the location and then link appealing associations to make a favourable picture to attract visits and businesses. " (Keller, 2003)



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Consider it: • Where you might spend the holiday in case you could choose any place on earth? Why?



Consider it: • Where you might spend the holiday in the event you could choose any place that is known? Why? Which in turn country of origin you prefer for these products (watches, pharmaceutical drugs, etc . ) you buy? For what reason?


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Think it over: • Where you might spend your holiday if you could select any place on the planet? Why? Which usually country of origin do you prefer for the products (watches, pharmaceutical drugs, etc . ) you buy? Why? If nation brands would be traded in stock exchange market segments, which country shares might you buy? So why?




Product/Company and Nation Brands

Product/Company Brands Nation Brands


Anholt GMI Nation Brands Index 3 years ago

• How the World recognizes Switzerland „Switzerland turns out to have one of the most strong nation brands in the world. It is associated with chastity, integrity, dependability and competence. " *The Anholt-GMI Region Brands Index 2007


Nation Manufacturer Hexagon

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Nation Manufacturer Hexagon: Export products


Export products

In this stage of the hexagon, we request consumers of the tendency to actively search for or actively avoid goods from each country, what marketers phone the country of origin impact: the power of the " Made In…” labeled to add worth to products. We also ask what types of products people would expect to become produced in each country, and whether they believe the country features particular strengths in science and technology. Whether we all like it or not, business brands are increasingly executing the position of sending national culture: they have become one of the primary vectors of nationwide image, and therefore are more and more often the means by which will people contact form their opinions about nationwide identity. 15

The Brand Swiss

Former Switzerland President Kaspar Villiger „A country absolutely shows qualities of a company. The notion „Switzerland" ist the brand and any circumstance still a very wellknown one particular. A clever combination of political freedom and world economic open-mindedness. (…) Swiss became, so to speak, the corporate brand, which put a lot of important main values: quality, stability, constancy, reliability, sincerity. " 4. November 2004


Groups with Switzerland

Actual Knowledge (April 2006) of people in China about Switzerland Observe industry, Watches Beautiful Scenery Swiss Banking companies Skating Neutrality / Serenity Swiss Military Knife Swiss Candy / Chocolate as well as Cake Very good Environment Large Standard of Living Very good Social Well being N = 2‘000 individuals

49. 8% 20. five per cent 15. seven percent 10. 0% 9. seven percent 7. 8% 7. 3% 6. 8% 5. 8% 3. 9% 0% 20% 40% 60% More than one answer was allowed to be given

Supply: Präsenz Schweiz Study on the Image Notion of Switzerland in Asia 13

‚Swiss made‘

Latest Swiss travel nature campaign

Recent Swiss tourism nature campaign




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