Determinisn or Indeterminism

Philosophy and Media

Cheryl Thomas

South University On the web

PHI 2301

The movie i chose with this assignment is Forrest Gump. I will be determining the Determinism Theory and Phenomenology Theory.

In the video Forrest Gump, he was defined as being stupid. As a child he previously to defend himself from the kids in the neighborhood. The kids would decide on on him because they will thought that he was stupid, and because he put on braces on his legs. In order to that Forrest knew to defend himself was going to run and running is exactly what he performed. Running was an experience that he realized how to do very well, since this is what he did most of his childhood. Since time exceeded and Forrest became the he was established to let everyone know that he was not foolish. So some day while sitting at the shuttle bus stop waiting for the coach, Forrest mentioned his level of intelligence which has a stranger. Planning to let the unfamiliar person know that this individual did not consider himself as being stupid this individual said " Stupid can be as stupid really does. ” In spite of him getting labeled as silly, Forrest went on to provide evidence that he was as normal while the next person. He continued to become a football star, fulfill John Farrenheit. Kennedy, serve in the Vietnam War and spoke in an anti-war move at the Wa Monument. And to further provide evidence that he was certainly not stupid, this individual became the initial investor pertaining to Apple Computers and opened a profitable shrimping business. Though Forrest is definitely labeled as becoming stupid this individual has a lots of remarkable accomplishments to provide evidence that he is just like intelligent since the next person. As all of these wonderful success in Forrest life is going on and time passes by, he never forgets about the girl that he loved when he was a child. Jenny (Robin Wright Penn) was your girl that he liked as a child. One night while Forrest was out for a pub, Jenny was there performing on stage. The other guys there were grabbing on Jenny and Forrest thought that these people were hurting her, so this individual went to support her away. Forrest went to help Jenny because thought that all she...



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