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First of all I would like to say thank you to the tutor and all my good friend who has presented mee wonderful opportunity speech on this day time, about global warming. We know global warming is serious problem which is community well in nation developing and country produced. Global waming in explanation by activity human which usually working approach a ware or not a ware. Climatic change is a procedure to increase body temperature average atmosfer: sea and land. Stage body temperature global settlement will to cause alteration which in turn other except to clib surface sea water, level weather, and alteration total. Result around the world which other influenced crop agriculture, and destroyed kind animal. Almost all energy source that can be grond formerly with sun.

A part that energy inside form short wave radiation, including apperent shine the moment this strength to hit floor surface that changeable with shine to create hot with to warm up eart. With temperature common large 15 C (59F), eart the truth is already popular more 33 C (59F) with green house effect. So that ice will to shut almost all grond surface but on the other hand. Result total tha to gas previously more in atmosfer climatic change result to become. To protect the and economical well-being of current and future decades, we must lessen our exhausts of heat-trapping gases utilizing the technology, information, and practical solutions already at the disposal.

The Earth's local climate changes in response to external making, including different versions in its orbit around the Sun (orbital forcing), volcanic eruptions, and atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations. The in depth causes of the recent temperatures rising remain an active field of research, however the scientific opinion is that the increase in atmospheric green house gases due to human activity induced most of the heating observed because the start of the professional era. This attribution is usually clearest for recent 5 decades, for which the most detailed data are available. Some...



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