Effect Dissertation: Causes of Flood

Cause and Effect Article: Causes of Overflow

There are many calamities that we encounter like surprise, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The most common disasters that our nation faces happen to be storms and floods. In accordance to PAGASA, flood is known as a natural hydrological phenomenon. The goal of this article is to offer and explain the causes of overflow, which are exotic storms, around the world and tsunamis.

One of the reasons behind flood will be tropical storms. According to the Pushes of Character website, thunder or wind storms get normal water from oceans and take it towards land. Streams and rivers sometimes cannot deal with the hefty rain therefore water terme conseille and generates flood. One of the reasons why we all experience ton is ineffective drainage. The majority of drainage systems in the country are not able to handle the number of water since they are blocked as a result of trashes of people throw on sidewalks. Two examples of storms that caused flood were Storm Camille in 1969 in Virginia and the recent Typhoon Ondoy.

The 2nd cause of flood is Climatic change. According to the Makes of Character website, Around the world is the heat trapped inside the earth's ambiance which little by little warms the earth. Global warming temperatures water via oceans and seas. It assists the water to evaporate quicker. When a big amount of water steam is in the ambiance, it forms storms that triggers flood on land. When the temperature with the earth improves, ice from your north and south post would burn and it will cause the growing of the ocean levels. In the event the seas levels rise, oceans will overflow and it will cause flood upon coastal areas.

The third source of flood is definitely tsunamis. In line with the Forces of Nature web page, one source of tsunamis happen to be high gusts of wind. High wind gusts create ocean that would hit beaches and shores. In respect to PAGASA, another source of tsunamis happen to be seismic activities. Examples happen to be underwater volcanoes and earthquakes. When underwater volcanoes push through or when earthquakes occur, they contact form tsunamis. Tsunamis are risky because they will hit area...

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