Effect of Video Games on Youngsters

Tessa Manley

Professor Harrison

Composition II

2 March 2012

A result of Video Games on Kids

Developing up, playing outside was what I do for fun. Whether it was using my motorcycle, playing with close friends, or going swimming, I was outside the house for hours at a time every day. Today, kids gain access to things like Xboxes, Playstations, and Nintendo DS. In a study conducted simply by Gentile, Lynch, Linder & Walsh (2004) " teenage girls enjoyed video games to get an average of five hours weekly, whereas males averaged 13 hours per week. " A survey made by Harris Active shows that 23 percent of youth have got felt " addicted to games. ” Studies have shown that teenagers who also play violent video games for extended periods of time are usually more aggressive, are usually more prone to participate in fights and confrontations, and discover a decline in educational success. (Gentile et al)

In 2010, Robert Weis and Brittany Cerankosky conducted a report to see how video games affect academic success. They picked a group of boys who don't own game titles and designated them to 1 of 2 conditions: the " game titles now” group got a game title system instantly, and the " video games later” group did not receive their systems right up until months after. The researchers tracked the boys' academics success for school. That they found the boys who also got all their game devices immediately spent less time in schoolwork and, 4 weeks later, they got reduced reading and writing results. This makes perception, since additional time spent playing video games means less time learning. Also, the distraction of video games may cause kids to reduce interest in their very own studies and cause them to standard. These results line up with another survey done by Cummings and Vandewater in 3 years ago, which figured kids old 10-19 whom played video games spent thirty percent less time reading and 34% less time doing homework. (Cummings & Vandewater)

A 2009 Brigham Small University study found that as video game usage elevated, the quality of relationships with others, including family,...



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