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Motion picture Reviewed: Reddish colored Dog

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CATHY: Great evening people and meet back to ‘Oz Movie Talk' where the most recent, hottest Foreign films will be the talk of the show. This week on Ounce Movie Speak is a saddening film based on a book, ‘Red Dog' directed by simply Kriv Stenders. This motion picture features Josh Lucas, Rachael Taylor, Ruben Batchelor and a lot importantly the main attraction from the movie…Koko! Our company is lucky enough to obtain Rachael come along at Motion picture Talk this week. Welcome Rachael! (claps) RACHAEL: Hi everybody, it's wonderful to be only at Movie Discuss this week. CATHY: So Rachael would you like to provide our guests an overview around the plot on this movie? (next slide in ppt – Red Doggie Picture) RACHAEL: Yeah sure. Red Puppy is a ‘stray' dog that has no true master and it is shared and loved by everybody in a small community Dampier, WA. The entrance of a bus driver for Hamersley Straightener, John Grant played simply by Josh Lucas; Red Dog becomes quickly attached to him and virtually follows Ruben everywhere. The true adventure commences however when John is unexpectedly killed within an accident and Red Puppy goes out to find him. CATHY: It is such an admirable film and it certainly commemorates the Aussie spirit in an impeccable method. It's amusing. It's moving. To be honest, I bawled my own eyes out at the end of it. It was such a moving film and learning it was based upon true events…it made me cry even harder. RACHAEL: Yes it had a massive emotional storyline. While performing, I always discover something I've in common with the character. Nancy being an Australian, it definitely believed great to be in a character of my personal expertise. CATHY: Being an Foreign, do you feel that this movie was a good portrayal of the Australian Identification? RACHAEL: It undeniably identifies the splendour of the Aussie public. In which the theme revolves around the classic marriage between man and...



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