Environmental Scan

1 .  Environmental Check out

1 . 1 .  Internal Factors

The environmental scan of Garuda Indonesia Flight companies is starting with the internal elements of the business. 1 . 1 . 1 Image from the company

Gi Indonesia Flight companies is the countrywide airlines ofIndonesia. They have a very secure image being a national jar, strong economic support from your government as well as the existing target audience. The image as one and the just national company of Indonesiagives a great image intended for the local and international passengers. They have a lots of loyal customers that have been appropriate with their picture, service and fares. 1 . 1 . 2 . Routes

Seeing that Garuda Dalam negri Airlines is definitely the national flight companies ofIndonesia, they have some exceptional advantages compare with other air carriers. One of the advantages they may have is special routes. Garuda cater the majority of the local paths inIndonesia. Besides that, they also cater a number of the international routes, which providing another advantage in enabling profit pertaining to the company. 1 ) 1 . several. Fares and Technology

Deals and technology of Garuda Indonesia could be identified as incompeteable. The moment some providers are starting to diminish their selling price and raising their companies with the highly technological system of ticket reservation and check-inn passenger, Gi is still struggling with their ‘old-fashioned' price and manual arranging system. Once other providers are preventing with their zero fair and taxes, Gi is still fighting to increase their particular price. Also recently the majority of the carriers had been shifting their booking system to the internet base, Garuda continues to be using the ‘old fashioned' Global Distribution Program, which require the personal travelling assistant to accomplish this. More person powers indicate more cost to spend. 1 ) 2 .  External Factors

A lot of external elements that we will find in Garuda Indonesia Air carriers are: 1 ) 2 . 1 ) Competitors

Garuda has either local or international competitors that operate the same course with all of them. Examples intended for local rivals are Merpati Airlines, Air flow Asia Dalam negri,...



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