Assessment Essay

A comparison of Julia Alvarez's " A queen, 1963” and Tato Laviera's " AmeRican”

Both Julia Alvarez and Tato Laviera come from countries and cultures that are looked down upon by many persons. Though each of their poems portray drastically different points of view. In Julia Alvarez's poem the lady she describes (herself) appears suppressed, she does what she may to fit in even if this means not doing something that your woman otherwise might have done. In Tato Laviera's poem he is very positive and positive, he has come here to make a better life for him and his along with even though he's oppressed due to his skin tone and traditions he provides an impressive new equality for him self and others.

In Alvarez's poem, she and her family suppress themselves. They control themselves by way of a new way of living:

Everyone appeared more American

than we all, newly arrived,

foreign dirt still upon our soles.

By year's end, a sprinkler waving

like a flag on each of our mowed garden,

we were combined into the prevent, (1-5)

These kinds of images reveal the reductions. You can see by just reading this passing that the creator is oppressed by her surroundings, by new way of life her friends and family must live. And yet, the girl can do nothing more than further suppress herself.

Laviera's poem offers a completely diverse view point, by almost singing every line in your head.

we offered birth into a new era,

AmeRican, larger than the lost gold

never touched, invisible inside the

Puerto Rican mountain range. (1-4)

The writer speaks of any type of liberty that includes everybody equally " a new generation” (5). Everybody at peacefulness with each other. Everybody treated inside the same loving way. Eliminating the splitting up by " spitting out the poison and malice”.

Both equally poems have very different points of view, the stories are closely tied up together. Each author provides experienced oral treatment being an incomer. They have both had to handle hatred and discrimination, and still have had to adapt to a...

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