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п»їComparison of politeness between English and Chinese

Since the embodiment of human civilization, it is not necessarily only a sort of social sensation, is a terminology phenomenon. Together with the rapid advancement intercultural communication research, distinct cultural connotation and concept of politeness in cross-cultural communication how to end up being polite, people pay more and even more attention. As the people of what is well mannered and how to become polite having a different viewpoint, which can generally lead to interaction failures as well as the failure, consequently , on the politeness phenomenon, especially cross-cultural connection in The english language and Chinese language two languages embody politeness is very important. This article on the English and Chinese respect phenomenon from basic theory to it is manifestations to conduct a comparative examine. This article attempts to review the Western verbal politeness vocabulary and ethnical differences and language strategy differences in mix cultural study, to speak English language and Chinese language speaking persons comply with each other's" Politeness Principle", to communicate with each other to realise a bit of motivation. 1 . terminology and social norms of politeness nineteen sixties, American linguist Grice puts forwards the supportive principle in verbal interaction, namely: Volume maxim, Amount maxim, Nanner maxim, Relationship Maxim and Manner maxim. He identified that in the act of interaction, people occasionally do not comply with the principles of communication, or even intentional infringement of these concepts. In view of this kind of phenomenon, the linguist Parasite imitate Grice's cooperative theory, politeness principle again around the induction and classification, that can be divided into this guidelines: (1) Tact Maxim: to minimize the loss of another, as much as possible to enhance the hobbies of others; (2) Generosity Maxim: to minimize their particular interests, reduce their failures; (3) Approbatity Maxim: reduce the others;

(4) Modesty Maxim: to minimize their praise; raises as far as feasible on their own to; (5) Agreement Maxim: to minimize the differences between and others, yet others to increase involving the common point; (6) Compassion Maxim: decrease the resentment, as far as likely to increase for the sympathy of others. From the above6 criteria is visible, tact and generosity is usually two aspects of a problem: appropriateness is about how to deal with people, appropriate to the demand, generous about how to treat themselves, to assurance to help; praise and humility is the same problem in two aspects: compliment should be how to treat others, should be recognized each other although not praise, it truly is criticized, humbleness is about how you can treat themselves, to be very humble but not humble, is whack one's own horn; steady and empathy is also similar problems with the two party: consistent explains to is indirectly expressed do not agree with each other 's look at, empathy is about should pay attention to express yourself while using other common mood. Parasite (1983) recommended, in the connection it is courteous to have several pragmatic tactics. China is generally known as " a state of events " claim, in the many years of history of civilization produced a set of moral standards and norms of politeness. In recent years, our nation related research of politeness principle has also made great progress. This individual Ziran Hu Wenzhong, Teacher of intercultural communication has turned the explanation. Mister. Gu Yueguo according to Chinese famous and ethnical background and the Chinese daily communication attribute, draw lessons from Leech6 polite principle, summarizes meets the Oriental national state the politeness principle, including a total of 5 aspects. 1 ) 1self denigration maxim: make reference to their own or with related things to end up being " down", be" modest"; refer to the listener or audience and related items to" lift", to" respect". It is the embodiment of Oriental traditional traditions in" wedding ceremony, inferiority and respect intended for people", although also...



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