Examination- Necessary Bad

Exams are an age group – outdated practice of evaluating students' performance. Dronacharya had also held tests for his students. The almighty had analyzed the loyalty of Ibrahim. But the contemporary system of exam is the gift idea of the United kingdom rule.

Kind of examination today:

Prior see regarding the time and plan of examination; many learners curse that; the exam sects the students' cardiovascular pounding; however , students focus on studies with longer several hours; date strategies; question – papers written by the invigilators; certain quantity of questions to be achieved in allotted hours; answer – catalogs given to examiners; evaluation and allotment of marks; effects published…

Why examination considered:

To test student's mental potential and know-how.

Why tests are necessary:

To generate students function – fear of failure and humiliation; to know the comparative advantage of college students and place these people accordingly inside their careers…

For what reason examinations happen to be evil:

Examinations encourage cramming rather than true and suitable knowledge; a of chance and skill; standard of creating not uniform; personal feelings and procedure of the examiners may affect objectivity; one year's attempts tested in just two – three hours (? )…. Etc .

Recommendations for reform:

A number of practical assessments, weekly testing, objective – plus –subjective tests; counselling for exams to help pupils to take the examinations within a sporting heart; progressive idea is to enable text-books in examination halls….


The analysis shows that despite the wicked nature of examinations we could bound to go with them. This is due to we have certainly not hitherto developed any successful alternatives to them. However , the tests and evaluation systems ought to be so designed that they generate a real test out of a present student's mental capacity, originality and faculty of essential thinking.



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