Description upon Iago

Iago is a soldier that has fought beside Othello for several years, and is becoming his dependable advisor. This individual speaks very differently toward different people; one example is when conversing with Roderigo he presents hatred towards Othello, whereas if he is close to Othello, intends Roderigo by simply raising his sword. Underhanded and cunning Iago uses language since his tool by turning people against each other using a mere sentence. He deviously becomes Othello's trusted stalwart, whereas in reality the audience find out he has multi personalities; which is called remarkable irony. Act 1, Scene 1, starts off with turmoil between Iago and Roderigo, however in a matter of internet pages we see that Roderigo provides warmed to Iago. Smart techniques of speech has been used by Iago to achieve this. First of all, Iago uses racial language by contacting Othello a " devil” and using animalistic imagery like " black ram” to compare Othello into a monster. He also uses sexual language to suggest that his appreciate with Desdemona is grubby and disgusting, hiding the true truth. Work 2, Scene 2, is principally set in Brabantio's home, with Othello, Iago, Roderigo and Brabantio. Othello appears to be calm, cool and composed which is in direct contrast with Iago who also tries to pick a fight with Roderigo. He performs this for one reason: to earn Othello's trust. By insulting Roderigo, Othello genuinely believes Iago is in the side. Iago is a very complicated character, quite beautiful actually. Shakespeare hides Iago's authentic self which usually interests the group and leaves them to question which person is Iago? It seems that Iago doesn't genuinely know who have he is: " I i am not what I am”.



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