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Vortech Supercharging Systems to your Performance Oriented Late Unit Ford Mustang

FEATURES: The Vortech supercharging system for the past due model Kia Mustang utilizes several advanced features, such as: a precision-degree impeller, outstanding ball bearings throughout the design, and is made with the highest quality parts. As well, Vortech offers implemented an internal oiling program in its new line, so you won't have to drill holes in your oil pan to run an essential oil line!


Precision-Degree Impeller -- developed by N. A. T. A. intended for Vortech, they will incorporated cutting edge technology to bring you an impeller (the thing that spins) just like no various other. Exact cutting tool angles ensemble from T6 aircraft lightweight aluminum allow remarkable boost numbers compared to previously models.

Ball Bearings -- Vortech uses ABEC-10 ball bearings inside their new distinctive line of superchargers. These bearings will be half as noisy as regular bearings, so the man next to you personally at that stoplight won't actually know you could have a supercharger under your engine!!

Highest Quality Parts - and assembly techniques ensure long life and little part damage / protection.

More Improve! В– than the competitors, so that you won't be left out on the street or perhaps at the track.

BENEFITS: Each of our focus here at Vortech is all about lowering cost while elevating performance. These new superchargers are more robust, quieter, better, and most crucial: MORE AFFORDABLE FOR THE END CUSTOMER!

Simple to install!! Our kit could be bolted about in one evening with standard hand/air equipment. NO CUSTOM BRACKETS NEEDED! This kit features everything your need for your street/strip Mustang!!



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