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09th DEC 2013

Alpine Inn & Suites for all seasons

A project report within the scope of your new business and it's really management tactics Prepared by:

Tony adamowicz Munduvelil (Marketing Manager)


Management teams of Alpine Inn & Suites via Dawson Creek and Fortification Nelson

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December being unfaithful, 2013

David McMurrey, ChairmanCoastal Real-Estate Developers400 Bay water BlvdCorpus Christi, Texas Special Mr McMurrey,

As we suggested in our key management conference on Sept 30, we could presenting the report permitted ‘Alpine Resort & Bedrooms for all seasons'. This report evaluates the several business areas of our completely new skiing and paragliding resort to in Ft Nelson, and our fresh strategies to create into a position with two adventurous organization areas. And we are discussing about the possible advertising and marketing strategies for the new enterprise in Fortification Nelson. I really hope you find this report acceptable.  Sincerely your own,  Tony Munduvelil, Senior Promoting Manager Alpine Inn & resorts 1212 Melsher Gardens, Suits 3

Dawson Creek, N. C V1J 1C7


The purpose of this report should be to introduce our group's fresh management methods for our fresh entrepreneurial idea of Alpine Inn & Rooms paragliding and skiing in Fort Nelson. This statement evaluates different business facets of our new company combination skiing and paragliding with our approaches for this. Whenever you all know Alpine group is currently in a phase of creation, so the progress or transform is unavoidable to accomplish that. We are going to start our completely new skiing vacation resort in Fortification Nelson with an exceptional and adventurous paragliding in order to gain even more customers. Our first part in Dawson Creek have been proved that adventurous athletics have a fantastic scope in Northern areas especially the places surrounded by Upper Rockies. And so our new business location in Fort Nelson would be a great place to get the ambitious sports. Additionally we experience an winter season drowse in our skiing business during summertime seasons in order to fix this kind of economical separation in our organization, 2013-2014 main management group came to this awesome business idea that a fresh branch in Fort Nelson for snowboarding & Paragliding – a wonderful place for all those seasons, hence in summer time we can recompense the drowse in our business through this kind of idea and in winter all of us will maximise our profit in winter sports and other additional businesses like restaurant and stay. In addition to our key businesses snow skiing and paragliding we are likewise going to modify our eating and room service devices facilities in both Alpine inns & suites into a next level. For reason of that Advertising section has created a new advertisements strategy to get new members to our organization and that might completely children and adventure lovers focused. So this statement would be the specific model of the planned tactics and management's ideas. Circumstance:

Meeting of all managers and supervisors from Dawson Creek branch and Fort Nelson resorts. (managers and supervisors from Fort Nelson will be newly hired. Here me personally as a senior marketing supervisor of Alpine Group and a representative of core managing team) explaining the managing strategies about our new venture of Alpine Resort & Suites skiing and paragliding holiday resort in Ft Nelson. Set of illustration

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A rate desk in the Advertisements strategy section.


It is hard to determine exactly when the term extreme sports came to refer to certain modern sports, most believe it can be traced for the early 1972s, when rock climbing and convention...

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