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HA255: Human Resources intended for Healthcare Companies

Unit almost 8 Assignment



Law in Human Resources

Significance of Law in Recruiting

Fair Labor Standards Act

History of the Fair Labor Standards Act

National Labor Relations Work

History of the National Labor Relations Take action


Regulation in Human Resources (HR)

What is it?

Legislation is " a body of guidelines of

action or execute prescribed simply by

controlling authority, and

having binding legal force”

(Black, 1979).

 Law provides an answer to a

common question from Man

Resources Managing

(HRM): in what authority will i

act? (Hernandez, 2009).

Implications of Law in HR

Rules is a formal identification of

the boundary for jeopardizing and

experiencing formal liability

and finality of judgment

(Hernandez, 2009).

If the specialist to act is not

well-known, then a more

conservative approach would be

not to act (Hernandez, 2009).

Reasonable Labor Criteria Act (FLSA)

Precisely what is the FLSA?

It is what sets minimum wage and overtime pay, as well as setting restrictions in allowing minors to work.

 In non-agricultural procedures, anyone under 16 is fixed on how many hours they will work.

 Any individual beneath 18 is usually forbidden to use by a few jobs which may be deemed " too dangerous” (U. H. Department of Labor).

History of the FLSA

Before staying passed in 1938 by

President Roosevelt, all people

were necessary to work 10 hour


This action was mainly focused on

protecting against women and kids

from doing work long days.

In 1868 congress approved a rules to

just have an eight hour workday

(Samuel, 2000).

More History of the FLSA

Laws and regulations regulating pay for women

and minors emerged much later

due to early labor


By simply 1916 practically ever condition had

passed laws barring child


In 1937, a bill was passed for a 40

penny minimum income (Samuel,


National Labor Relations Work (NLRA)

What it is –

It defines unfair labor practices to get

employees and employers.

 Authorizes the National Labor

Relations Table (NLRB) to secretly

perform elections for employees in

so that it will determine any kind of representation

by a labor corporation.

 Authorizes the NLRB to investigate because

well because conduct proceedings for any

complaints about unfair labor

practices (Hernandez, 2009).

NLRA Background

Violence between labor and

supervision ran high in the 1920's.

The Railway Labor Take action was passed in

1926, and stressed the importance of

collective bargaining.

In 1932, during the depths of the Superb

Depression, Our elected representatives passed the NorrisLaGuardia Action (National Labor Relations Board).

More NLRA History

The Norris-LaGuardia Act curbed the power to get the legal courts to issue restraining purchases against hits, fraud, or perhaps absent physical violence (National Labor Relations Board).



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