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Wendy's International (Wendy's) is a cafe company, which will operates worldwide under Wendy's brand of restaurant chain stores. The company's headquarter is in Ohio, United States. Wendy's was founded by Dave Thomas who opened the initial Wendy's cafe on The fall of 15, 1969 in Columbus, Ohio, Us. In 1972, the first Wendy's franchise was sold. Wendy's also stressed Wendy's superiority through the " Quality Is definitely Our Recipe" slogan and featured a red-haired, pig-tailed " Wendy" with dance hamburgers. In mid-1975 Wendy's opened its first foreign restaurant which in turn located in Canada. In 1976, Wendy's presented public stock with a million common stocks sold at $28 per share. In Nov 15, 2009, Wendy's commemorated its 40th year wedding anniversary with more than 6th, 600 Wendy's restaurant around the world. Mission Assertion

" What we should Believe" guidelines, which serve as both an indoor mission statement and a customer service aim, which include top quality is each of our recipe, handle everyone with respect, do the right thing, profit means growth, and present something back. Vision

To consistently grow stakeholder value by simply leveraging the strengths of vibrant, impartial restaurant brands. Products and Shops

Old Vogue Hamburger

Poultry and Wraps

Garden Sensations Salads

French fries and Factors



Kids' food

Wendy's Restaurant

Wendy's SWOT Analysis

Wendy's is a leading successful restaurant operating and franchising business in United states. The company was ranked 562nd in the list of America's greatest corporation, while evaluated by Fortune publication, in 2007. A strong industry position gives better presence and increases the company's bargaining power. Yet , Wendy's encounters strong competition from foreign, national, local, and local suppliers of foods. Competitors may affect to Wendy's business and its margins. STRENGTHS

-- Leading player in the U. S.

- Market research durability

- Strong management staff

- Effective advertising

-- Brand reputation


- Toast food

- Distribution issue

-- Weak r and d


- Global development

- Franchising Argentina, Chile, China

- Mass customization


- Solid competition including McDonald and Burger King

-- Political environment

-- Exchange price

- Health-conscious consumer

- Recession in overall economy worldwide


Examination of Wendy's Globalization Strategy

You will find more than six, 500 Wendy's restaurants currently in 26 countries around the world (Appendix B). Since early on 2009, the corporation is very warn for international expansion of Wendy's with new cafe development in Singapore, the Middle East and North Africa, the Russian Federation, the Eastern Caribbean, Argentina, the Philippines and Japan. The company's target should be to open much more than 8, 000 Wendy's restaurants outside of The united states. New market expansion and further development within existing markets will continue to be main drivers of Wendy's throughout the world strategy. By managing superior quality, quality, and operational standards around the world, the customers could taste the product quality Wendy's burgers whether they go to Wendy's in Dubai, Moscow, or Puerto Rico. This year and 2011, Wendy's was recognized by Zagat Survey since the food top quality leader in the United States quick support restaurant industry, and also received their Best Overall naming. Wendy's is additionally been awarded by the international organization. For example , in New Zealand Wendy's has been the best performer as obtaining the best tasting hamburgers for more than ten years in a row. Wendy's, Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), has skilled both competitive and economic challenges over recent years. However , the global QSR business offers continued to grow significantly especially in growing markets. According to European monitor Foreign, this tendency of category growth can be expected to continue as demonstrate in Appendix C. In line with the graph...

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