HCS 446 Week 5 Facility Planning Floor Program


Facility Planning Floor Program

Carrie " Shellie" Cobbs

Facility Preparing

HCS 446

Terrie Rill

August thirty-one, 2014

Facility Planning Floor Plan

The process of designing a fresh floor policy for the friends and family medicine center is hard and fine detail oriented. This kind of student is definitely fortunate enough to acquire been contained in the design vetting project with other employees to help design the near future state of Centura Health and how people will gain access to health and wellbeing companies. This pupil is discovering the vision brought on by many integrated in the fresh designs being used while building new and remodeling founded floor ideas. This student designed a fresh family treatments clinic intended for the floor plan assignment. Purpose you chosen the floor prepare you designed

The reason this student hand picked the family treatment clinic mounted on the main clinic is due to the recent difference in positions students has made towards the Family Remedies Residency Software. The knowledge this student is usually learning about the method for moving a family remedies clinic has lent a brand new appreciation to get the process associated with only one tiny aspect of the whole planning, building, and shifting process. The modern floor program that is at St . Anthony North Hospital is the inspiration for this present student's floor plan. This floors plan is definitely part of the medical center yet functions as a individual office place from the clinic. This present student's thought at the rear of an fastened family treatments clinic for the hospital is usually that the hospital will be able to utilize the medical clinic as an urgent treatment option instead of overwhelming the emergency division with non-emergent patients. The clinic facilitates the hospital plus the hospital supports the center with the combination flow of patients between departments. The brand new floor cover the medical clinic does not have designated work place for all the medical doctors and the medical assistants. The concept is that there is not any grounding space for the medical staff to stop and gather but to continue to present...



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