Senior high school Drop Out Costs

п»їIsaac Smith

November 9 2012

English 102

9 The fall of 2012

Secondary school Drop Out Prices in America

You were in high school when. I mean everybody was in senior high school. High School is actually a time in existence where were learning how to fully developed and acquire prepared to get the real world. Not to mention you have the occasional senior high school teenager crisis that goes one every day. In high school we are faced with fresh struggles and challenges everyday. Some challenges and problems makes some of us not like senior high school at all. Senior high school can drive you to the limit. Nevertheless did you high school ever pushed you to the point where you wanted to drop out. I mean we hear about it every day, we come across it in news reports. Does it at any time make you question what can make some people not really finish high school graduation, drop out, and regret the effects that come with it? For example not being able to get a good job without a high school diploma or degree or even worse ending up on the streets homeless.

As I would, my research more studies shows that a fantastic majority of learners graduates on time but the secondary school dropout rate continues to climb nationwide. In the united states, we carry on and have the maximum high school dropout rates than any other nation. As you seem the graduating rate going up but the dropout rate elevating it makes us speculate what is going on? Precisely what is the problem? What makes dropouts costs continue to embrace America country wide? In America, research say that 1 . 3million children continue to drop-out of high school. 7, 2 hundred kids drop out of high school each day. In 2008-2009 79% students going into high school their very own freshman year end up certainly not finishing in the beginning or midway through their senior year. However , this summer we saw a decline of 17 % of the dropout rate suffering. But the quantity still continues to climb each year the particular high school students reach the point of dropping out.

Studies show that what can cause college students to drop away can be a volume of things. House life can be a primary example....



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