Theories in Media and Society

NAME: Vincent Tshuma


DEGREE: BSc (Hons. ) Journalism and Media Studies

COURSE: Press and Culture – IJM 1220

LECTURER: Mr Capital t. Nkomo


a)Outline the assumptions with the

i. Strength functionalist theory (8)

2. Conflict theory (8)

b)How valid would be the assumptions of the theories in explaining the presence of, and the relationships between persons and teams in culture. (9)

DUE DATE: '07 March 2014

According to National senior high of sciences (1999) a theory is actually a well-substantiated justification of several aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly verified through remark and experimentation. In this lumination one grows to discuss the Structural functionalist theory and the Conflict Theory which are both theoretical points of views found in the Media and Society. (a)(i) First and foremost, the Structural functionalist theory can be amongst the hypotheses found on the facet of organization of society. This kind of theory can also be referred to as Structural Functionalism, and it has this assumptions.

To start with, the Strength Functionalist theory postulates or suggests that culture is a sophisticated system whose various parts (structures) work together to create stability and solidarity.

These kinds of structures really are a part of society because of their operation in making sure stability and solidarity. In other words, without their particular functionality in ensuring those two aspects mentioned prior, these types of structures would not be part of contemporary society.

To add in, Durkheim and Comte suggest that these elements of the culture work together just like the parts of a body to get the benefit of world. In other words, you can say that these types of parts are inter-dependent, that is, they rely on each other to totally serve their purpose.

It is important for one to as well note that this kind of theory features two benefits, and they are Manifest Functions and Latent Functions. From this aspect, Express functions in such a case are individuals objective outcomes contributing to the adjustment or adaptation with the system that happen to be intended and recognized by participants in the system. Examples include education, moral direction, law and order repair. On the other hand, Valuable functions happen to be those features that are neither intended nor recognized. Quite simply, they are relatively less important as compared to Show Functions.

(ii) Furthermore, organization of culture theoretical perspectives also include the Conflict Theory. It has this assumptions:

The Conflict Theory suggests that world is made up of groups that are rivalling for hard to find resources. Quite simply, this theory states that society is definitely divided or perhaps disintegrated into various teams that scramble, if not fight for, these types of resources in order to survive be it socially, economically or see.

To add in, the discord theory also suggests that electrical power and inequality are the main characteristics of society and social teams are involved in power struggle (Karl Max). You can simply say that this means that the machine called Contemporary society is designed with electricity dynamics, and those electric power dynamics are power problems.

Furthermore, this theory also states that this electrical power struggle stated earlier, is a struggle for dominance amongst classes, genders, races, religions to mention but just a couple. This means that in the entirety of society, you will find the aspect of " survival of the fittest” where the dominant types survive and rule in the defeated or higher the poor. In addition , the conflict theory also presumes that there is interpersonal domination of subordinate teams through the electricity coercion of dominant teams. Furthermore, this theory also assumes the fact that dominant teams create rules for success and opportunity in society and so they monopolize control, power, advantage and expert.

In addition to the above mentioned, the issue theory as well assumes the...



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