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п»їI watched video upon you tube with the Jazz Bistro performances. This was primarily a showcase pertaining to music majors and graduate student students. The performances presented many blooming musicians with an assortment of one of a kind musical combinations. This was an ideal opportunity to encounter such lots of music, which usually for the novice Jazz music listener, was perfect. That wasn't only the music, however , that m4: led this performance successful. It was the atmosphere. Low lighting in conjunction with candlelit furniture made for an excellent romantic day. Although the place was crammed to capability, the feel in the atmosphere remained calm and relaxing. There is a pleasantness and relieve about the complete performance. One of the great things about this kind of performance was the new addition of-duos. These I seriously enjoyed as it seemed a great deal easier to listen to and dissect the music. The first music that i heard was the duet with a couple on the piano. Immediately after the song started out, I indexed on a lot of familiar noises to that of rag period. There was a straightforward right hand melody becoming played, which usually gave it a lively sound. Another performance was a duet which has a piano and tenor sax. One of the best performances with the night, completely an moon like and mysterious sound because of the play with minimal keys. There is a strong emphasis on the call and response or antiphon aspect, especially at the start of the song. The use of minimal keys but not as produced clashing sounds at times throughout the performance. Through this duet I got to see odds and ends of each instrument both the piano and the sax. One strategy the saxophone seemed to be using was the echoing of arpeggios. The keyboard would get strong as well and then perish down again. There was such an edgy sound to this efficiency. Straight from an Alfred Hitchcock movie or perhaps something, this kind of music experienced everything I desired to hear. Towards the end, my spouse and i start to see the music reaching this climatic end and then this suddenly stopped. The next performance showed a...



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