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30th April 2009

1 . 0 Executive Summary

Telekom Malaysia Berhad as understand as TM is one of the most significant telecommunications services and Primary information communication technologies companies in Malaysia which offers an extensive range in fixed-line, portable, data, and broadband conversation services.

Streamyx is among the products of TM. It can be Malaysia well-liked fixed-line consumer favorite which have the highest online connectivity up to 4. 0Mbps. Streamyx is a line broadband offered by TM and wireless high speed such as Streamyx Zoneв„ў. Streamyx Zoneв„ў can be described as wireless internet connection that allowed users to reach to the Internet any time anywhere.

AIDA model in direct promoting is a successful stage of purchases by simply consumer in personal advertising by creating an advertising meaning which can attain Awareness, Curiosity, Desire and Action. These kinds of four element model comes from the abc AIDA and each element include different concerns and which means.

The budget of perform new campaign need to be calculate accurately so that the organization will be able to enhance the reputation and increase the product sales volume. There are many new campaign have been advised such as SMS campaign, telemarketing campaign, and contest plan. In the TEXT campaign user can be have the information needed from TM Streamyx including the latest promotion package, newest information about new technologies, and so forth Telemarketing marketing campaign is to build and maintain the satisfactory of customer relationships. Contest campaign is a campaign that allowed user to join the marketing campaign in term of competition. Winner could be getting important prizes as soon as they win inside the competition.

2 . 0 Intro of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) Background

Telekom Malaysia Berhad opened as a federal government organization and privatized in 1987. Telekom Malaysia Berhad is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Malaysia which offers a thorough range in fixed-line, cellular, data, and broadband connection services. Telekom Malaysia Berhad as know as TM is the Malaysia Number One details communication technology provider. Besides that, TM is known as a marketplace leader while offering a comprehensive array of communication providers and remedy in high speed, data and fixed-lined. Like a market innovator, TM focus on providing continuous customer service quality enhancements and innovations. Consequently , TM is balance the position of Malaysia as a regional Internet centre and digital gateway intended for South-East Asia with the comprehensive global connectivity. TM likewise involve of Next Generation Network service provider permitting the Group to enhance its efficiency and productivity when providing enriched products and services. (

According to Chong. C. W et approach (2007), the telecommunication sector in Malaysia has skilled significant growth in recent years. The application of broadband services in Malaysia was only at 0. 85 percent in 2004 but its consumption was geared to increase to 10 percent by 2008 (Lim, 2004). In addition , the main telecommunication provider in Malaysia, which usually mean Telekom Malaysia (TM) projected the number of internet subscribers near your vicinity is anticipated to reach the 10 million mark over the following five years. This affirmation is based on the growing tendency of internet users in the last three years as Malaysia moved toward advanced info, communication and multimedia solutions.

2 . one particular About Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) Items

Streamyx is among the products of TM. It really is Malaysia premier broadband which will hooks up Malaysians nationwide with the fast-paced on the web world. Streamyx provide extensive bandwidth offers Malaysians an unsurpassed Internet experience. By making use of Malaysia's Number One provider of information communication solutions Streamyx high speed, users capable of perpetually online, enjoying infinite usage to get a fixed charge and installing data at lighting rates of speed of up to 4. 0Mbps. TMNET Streamyx give...

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