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" A Sticky Gum Problem” POW 4

Difficulty statement:

The next scenario is very similar. In this one, Ms. Hernandez passed a different gumball machine in the morning with 3 different colors Once again her mixed twins each want a gumball of the same color, every gumball remains one dollar. What is the most amount of money that Ms. Hernandez would have to spend in order to get every single of her daughters precisely the same color gumball?

In the last scenario, Mister. Hodges fantastic triplets move the same gumball machine that Ms. Hernandez and her twins approved in scenario two. Now, each of Mr. Hodges children wishes the same color gumball out of your three-color gumball machine. Precisely what is the most sum of money that Mr. Hodges would have to spend on his triplets to acquire them every the same color gumballs?


In the process of solving the first question I actually drew up different color gumballs.

These are generally both the diverse colored gumballs. If this was the outcome after spending two money on two gumballs, then your next gumball would have to end up being one of the previous color gumballs that already came out of the appliance.

For scenario it absolutely was a little trickier that the initial problem. As there were nonetheless only twins involved and there were 3 colored gumballs it had not been too hard. Once again, I drew up the three different coloured gumballs inside the gumball machine. The gumballs were red, white, and blue.

These colors is most likely the color of the gumballs that can come out of the gumball machine. The last gumball that will come out of the equipment would make some two of precisely the same color gumballs which will make the overall total of money put in 4 mere cents.

The past scenario, there was still simply three different color gumballs in the gumball machine. But this time through there were three kids. Thus i drew up another group of possible gumballs that could roll out of...



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