Induction Method

Role of the HR Office

Human Resource Management (HRM) identifies that component to an organisation's activities built to attract, coach, develop and keep an effective staff.

A lot of activities and roles undertaken include:

* drawing up task descriptions,

* organising the recruiting and selecting new staff, 2. organise teaching (e. g. induction practicing new staff), * arrange and execute performance appraisal,

* organizing future staffing requirements,

* handling issues,

* applying HRM insurance plan, e. g. equal possibilities (line managers are expected to be familiar with all statutory requirements affecting HRM).

The HRM department in an organisation probably will fulfil a variety of roles:

The executive position

Here, the HRM division is seen as the ‘expert' in matters relating to Human Resource Management besides making decisions as to what should be done in this field. For example , the HRM department will ensure that organisational policies are designed in line with with legal requirements, will decide to produce info booklets in training, etc .

The audit function

In this capability, the HRM department watches organisational actions to ensure that HRM policies are being properly implemented by all worried.

The facilitator role

This kind of role needs the HRM department to facilitate the task of various other managers in the organisation and help them to get and use the skills, methods and behaviour that they need to make certain that HRM plans are integrated throughout the organisation. For example , crew leaders could be given training to help them interact to, and manage, complex relationships between affiliates that may involve HRM concerns such as issues, equal possibilities, human resource planning, etc .

The consultancy role

Through this role, the HRM section provides advice and direction to managers at all levels on issues to do with the management of individuals.

The support role

This requires the HRM department...



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