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Influence Of Seed money Management About Profitibility Of Firms We now have many superior term documents and documents on Effect Of Working Capital Management About Profitibility Of Firms. All of us also have a wide array of research papers and publication reports open to you for free. You are able to browse our collection of term papers or use the search engine.

Impact Of Working Capital Supervision On Profitibility Of Companies EFFECT OF SEED MONEY MANAGEMENT ON PROFITABILITY OF FIRMS -- A study within the Indian Essential oil Drilling & Exploration market

[1]Dr . Anupam Jain


Efficient administration of seed money is one of the pre-conditions for the achievements of an organization. Efficient management of seed money means managing of various pieces of working capital so that an adequate amount of seed money is maintained for smooth running of your firm. An optimal working capital management can be expected to bring about positively to the creation of firm value. To reach maximum working capital managing firm supervisor should control the advantage between profitability and liquidity accurately. The objective of this study is to investigate the relationship between working capital management and business's profitability.

From this study, we certainly have selected a sample of 4 Indian Olive oil Drilling and Exploration organizations and considered their monetary data for the period of 5 years via 2005 – 2009 and studied the effect of different variables of working capital management such as the Cash conversion cycle and Current proportion on the earnings of the firms.

The study demonstrates that there is a unfavorable significant relationship between funds conversion cycle & firm profitability and positive marriage between Current Ratio & profitability of firms. This kind of reveals that reducing funds...



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