Career Program Building

Career Program Building Activity

Tmekka Peterson


June 17, 2013

Stephanie Edens

Career Strategy Building Activity

With the understanding of how one deal with other folks is important. The Phoenix Job Services module identified my own strengths as able to manage pressure, adhering to values, establishing to change, and following instructions as my to best competencies. It is vital to understand your individual strengths far better to be able to deal with others. My own personality traits will be easygoing and willing to work with others. I consider myself to become good listener and value others. This will allow me to make the platform from being aware of what is needed in the business and just how each person personality traits works toward the common objective of the business. Each working area of the organization will have its own set of competencies needed to conduct the job properly. In every single area interaction will be important. It will be essential to communicate with the particular people performing the task to know what is necessary and what will take towards the job. A person externally that does not the actual task on a day-to-day basis will not have a similar understanding while person who would it every day. Suggestions from many individuals may help making the task successful. Understanding the purpose of each job and communication is very important. I are a person who is usually not aggressive and prefer to discuss my opinion. I will need to change my own communication abilities in the area of conversing my opinion and suggestions to other. Following, listening to other folks about what they needs with the business I might have to focus on how I might communicate my plan. I would want an effective plan that monitors and highlights the information and expertise of my own people. Learning one's personal strengths and communication expertise are section of the beginning technique of becoming a better manager. In the current business world it is important be able to adjust and to grow a successful business....



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