Journal in John Steinbeck "Of rats and men"

Journal: Of Mice And Men simply by John Steinbeck

After having read the description of the novel, my targets were that would have been a common story of your good finishing, no matter how thrilling the postponement, interruption dots ultimately may make the plot appear to be. However , upon reading this, it was turning into clearer that Steinbeck's use of certain details and foreshadowing in the textual content was already indicating the outcome resulting otherwise. By way of example at the beginning the name of the community Lennie and George were going through, Soledad, already the actual reader feel that the place is connected with solitary, loneliness. Them have ideal together, that Lennie likes to be repeated to him by George. They want to earn enough funds to buy a farm, and " live off the qualit? the lan ", with Lennie looking after the rabbits. A common during their days, American Dream. That did seem to be that they could have achieved it, before the first foreshadowing came into place. When the moment was mentioned Lennie's excitement from touching nice-looking, soft objects/material. That acquired him in trouble at my old farm wherever George and Lennie were working on, if he just wanted to feel a girl's gown, and having been too simple-minded to let get of it, if the girl started to protest. The novel began with George and Lennie running away from previous farmville farm to operate another one, to be able to escape persecution and to start earning for their American dream. New individual personas then came into play – Candies, Crooks, Curley, and Curley's wife however it would be appropriate to describe the primary characters Lennie and George first. Lennie is a strong, tall, but a psychologically handicapped gentleman, who societe and admires George entirely. He was probably a rather simple character, but one that occurs sympathy as a result of his defenselessness against Curley's agression, and taunts coming from Curley's wife. George can be described as exact contrary of Lennie, being short-tempered,...



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