Unhealthy foods

Unhealthy food is virtually any food that is perceived to be unhealthy along with low nutritional value (Smith 2005) is a serious prevailing issue nowadays. In Australia, the figure shows that the nutritional value of food ingested by the kids mark a gradual lower over the past 30 years. The availability of junk food inside the school provides turned the kids to consume more fast food instead of bring their home-made lunch. In Weekend News (2005), Reynolds implies an early ban on the sale for junk food in the school canteens to avoid consuming too much among college students. Some may well say that unhealthy food benefits within the school money and should not be blame at all. However , i believe, the sale of junk food in the school canteen should be banned for several factors. The first and most important reason for the banning is that junk food on its own is found to be harmful. Junk foods that relatively full of fat, salt and sugar are actually causing childhood overweight. " Goods such as fast noodles, french fries, and chocolates bars boost the kilojoule absorption and bring about weight gain” (Weekend Reports 2005, g. 6). As a result, the junior weight gain risks them with additional future instances of cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis and cancers. In addition , Dental Affiliation reports for the sale of sodas in educational institutions that causes ‘a decline in the dental health of Australia's primary-school children' (Weekend News 2005). Hence, the unhealthy foods should be prohibited inside the school canteens. Another reason is the fact junk food may trigger behavioural problems. Generally, fast food includes chemical artificial additives to give colour and taste instead of lengthening the shelf-life. " A number of these additives have been completely shown to trigger behavioural complications in children, such as hyperactivity and poor concentration” (Smith 2005, p. 3). Besides, this may distracts the students by giving their very own focus in the classes. Based on the Food Show (2005), Cray said that the moment such foods are readily available for school each day,...



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