Maths: Surface Area and Rs


8th Maths Practice Paper-1

1 ) An hohe of a triangle is 5/3 of their corresponding basic. If the arete were improved by

4cm and the foundation decreased simply by 2cm, the spot of the triangular would continue to be the same. Find the base and altitude with the triangle. installment payments on your Some toffees are discovered at the rate of 11 for Rs10 and same quantities are discovered at the

level of on the lookout for for Rs 10. In the event the whole lot comes at one rupee per toffee, locate the gain or reduction percent. 3. Chandu bought a watch in 20% discount on its marked cost but sold it at marked cost.

Find the gain percent of Chandu on this transaction.

4. A motorboat covers a certain range downstream in a river in five hours. It protects the same length upstream in five hours and fifty percent. The speed of water is 1 . 5 km/hr. Find the speed from the boat in still drinking water. 5. Factorize:

(i) 2x2+y2+8z3-2пѓ–2xy-4пѓ–2yz+8xz

(ii) x6 – 3x4y2 +3x2y4 –y6

6. Assess: (367/2 –369/2)/ 365/2

several. Divide 34x-22x3-12x4-10x2-75 by (3x+7) and check your answer.

almost 8. The digit in the tens place of quite a few is 3 times that inside the ones place. If the numbers are reversed, the new amount will be 36 less than the first number. Find the number. on the lookout for. A well is usually dug 20m deep and it has a size 7m. The earth, which is so dug out, is disseminate on a rectangle-shaped plot 22m long and 14m extensive. What is the peak of the system so produced? 10. The entire surface area of your hollow canister open at both ends is 4620sqcm, area of the basic ring is usually 115. 5sqcm and level 7cm. discover the fullness of the tube.

11. A hemispherical bowl is made of metal 0. 5cm thick. The lining radius from the bowl is usually 4cm.

Locate the volume of steel found in making the bowl.

doze. A circus tent is definitely cylindrical up to height of 3m and conical above it. If the radius from the base is 49m and the slant elevation of the cone-shaped part is definitely 53m, discover the total painting required to associated with tent. 13. A storage tank consists of a circular canister with hemispherical...



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